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Battle for Azeroth is slowly coming to an end. It is not yet certain when exactly the next WoW expansion Shadowlands will be released, but so far we strongly expect November / December 2020. There are still a few things to do before the pre-event and the Shadowlands themselves appear. We'll show you which achievements, mounts etc. with Shadowlands and / or Patch 9.0 will no longer be available in the game and which content will be more difficult after the expansion has started

Mounts, achievements & more removed with Patch 9.0

As is known, Patch 9.0 (the pre-patch from WoW Shadowlands) will herald a special event that will appear approximately one to two months before the release of the expansion. Some current content can no longer be obtained with the pre-patch.

Ahead of the times and leader: N'Zoth the Corruptor

As usual, the raid successes for the expansion's final raid Ahead of the times: N'Zoth the Corruptor and the mythical version Leader: N'Zoth the Corruptor only playable up to the pre-patch and later become exploits.

Mythical Plus Mount: Awakened Mind Drill

In Season 4, Mythic Plus players got a real incentive to complete all dungeons at least at level 15 in time. Then the mount waves Awakened thought drillwhich will no longer exist with the release of the pre-patch. Success also waves Battle for Azeroth Keystone Master: Season 4. If you can't do this, you should at least aim for all dungeons at +10 in time, but you will still get success Battle for Azeroth Keystone Conqueror: Season 4, which of course is no longer available in Shadowlands.

Fighting Guild (Bruce Mount)

WoW: Removed Mounts, Achievements & amp; more - The to-do list before Shadowlands release (2)

WoW: Removed Mounts, Achievements & More – The To-Do List Before Shadowlands Release (2)

Source: Buffed

In the meantime, the bosses in the fighting guild are a piece of cake for any reasonably well-equipped character. As the last two expansions have shown, the successes of the combat guild will almost certainly go to the success tab "Classic" and the associated one Mount Brucewhich you have to earn via the battle guild questline are no longer available in the game.

Battle for Azeroth Elite PvP Sets

If you put a lot of emphasis on your transmog collection and are good at PvP, you can still secure the complete Elite PvP set until the end of the fourth PvP season. The set in a slightly modified form is awarded in stages up to a rating of 1,800. Whoever achieves this rating also receives the title Rival: Season 4 of Battle for Azeroth.

Not confirmed: Rank 4 essences

The developers have not yet commented on this, but it may well be that rank 4 essences and the achievements associated with them are reserved for Battle for Azeroth players only. You can be sure that at least the Rank 4 essence for the Mythic Plus dungeons after Season 4 will no longer be available. Who the success Phenomenal cosmic power Chasing the Rank 4 essences should definitely get them before the pre-patch from Shadowlands.

WoW Shadowlands: This will be removed with release or will be harder to earn

Some content such as achievements, mounts, etc. are no longer available until the release of Shadowlands. As usual, this includes the mount that you receive for defeating the final boss's final boss. In addition, some goals will be harder to achieve once the expansion goes live.

Removed: Undamaged Void Wing

The success associated with it Ahead of the times: N'Zoth the Corruptor will no longer be available with Patch 9.0 Undamaged swingarm you can still earn until then. With the release of Shadowlands this is no longer possible.

WoW Shadowlands: Bastions Capitals – Elysian Festivals and Hero Rest

Possibly removed: N'Zoth's black snake

The visions of N'Zoth will not be completely removed from the game with the release of Shadowlands. Since the two successes around the mount Black snake from N'Zoth with Shadowlands equipment may be much easier to complete World of madness and Through the depths of the visions and the mount will most likely no longer be available.

Level / create twinks (demon hunters and death knights)

Up to Shadowlands, we still benefit from the XP buff Wind of wisdom. This gives you the opportunity to level a few more chars. You may still want to secure the traditional armor of some Allied Peoples.

In Shadowlands, however, the leveling is supposed to proceed quite briskly even without the Wind of Wisdom buff, as some players have already proven. If you plan to level a demon hunter or death knight at some point, you should definitely provisionally create some at levels 55 or 98 on your desired servers. Because with Shadowlands, the two hero classes start at level 8 due to the level squish, which corresponds to level 20 in BfA.

More difficult: BfA dungeon successes

WoW: Removed Mounts, Achievements & amp; more - The to-do list before Shadowlands release (4)

WoW: Removed Mounts, Achievements & More – The To-Do List Before Shadowlands Release (4)

Source: Buffed

With new scaling and better equipment, it will be possible in Shadowlands to master BfA dungeons with ease and catch up on successes. Some successes such as A brilliant idea but may require additional players. It is therefore better to complete these achievements during BfA.

More difficult: BfA raid and dungeon achievements (fame achievements for mounts)

The successes Glory of the war-drawn hero, Glory to the Uldir Raider, Glory to the Dazar'alor Raider, Glory of the Eternal Raider and Glory to the Ny'alotha Raider will continue after the release of WoW (buy now for 14.54 €) Shadowlands will be playable, but it will be increasingly difficult to find players, especially after the new expansion begins.

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Heavier: Conqueror of Azeroth (Mount Conqueror's Maw)

For success Conqueror of Azeroth you have to hunt for players of the opposing faction in the areas of BfA. Just like success Servant of N'Zoth It will be a little more difficult without friends after the launch of Shadowlands, as next to leveling players (in war mode) hardly anyone will be in the old zones. So who on success and the associated mount Conqueror's Senses Maw is over, this should still work in the next few weeks and months.

(Possibly) harder to earn: Island successes, mounts and transmog

WoW: Removed Mounts, Achievements & amp; more - The to-do list before Shadowlands release (5)

WoW: Removed Mounts, Achievements & More – The To-Do List Before Shadowlands Release (5)

Source: Buffed

Perhaps you can register for an island expedition alone in Shadowlands, but the developers have not yet announced exactly how this will be handled. Either players already have the mounts of the island expeditions or they are about to complete their collection towards the end of BfA. It is all the more difficult to find players with Shadowlands for the 3-player scenario, since the majority of the community focuses on completely different things.

More difficult to obtain: Reins of the mighty caravan brutosaurus

You need a whopping five million gold for them Reins of the powerful caravan brutosaurus scroll down. For this you get an impressive three-seater mount with a repair dealer and a second NPC, which gives access to the auction house. The "Longboy" is still available in Shadowlands, but then moves to the black market auction house, where it may only be offered a few weeks a year and several players bid on it.

Heavier: war fronts

Similar to island expeditions or any group content from BfA in general, it will be more difficult to get into scenarios like war fronts with Shadowlands. If you still want to complete some successes, you now have the opportunity. Completing war fronts is a good source of badges that you can use to mount, mount, and items Distillate of the ten countries can buy for your twinks.

Drop chance reduced / no guaranteed drops: Icy tidal storm and all-seer of Ny'alotha

WoW: Removed Mounts, Achievements & amp; more - The to-do list before Shadowlands release (3)

WoW: Removed Mounts, Achievements & More – The To-Do List Before Shadowlands Release (3)


Mount of Jaina (Battle of Dazar'alor) and N'Zoth (Ny'alotha) in Mythic mode are reduced from 100 percent to about one percent. During the N'Zoth mount All-seeing from Ny'alotha is reserved for only a few players the water elemental can be earned relatively easily by Jaina. In the meantime, you can even teleport directly to the end boss and with good equipment you are quickly invited to groups that Jaina sends on the boards after just a few tries, even in mythical mode.

Heavier: War Campaign / The War Campaign Mounts

Those who catch up on the war campaign in Shadowlands are faced with a lengthy quest series, for which additional players are sometimes required for BfA raids. Even now, there is no guarantee that you will find teammates for Battle of Dazar'alor, and even with Shadowlands gear it can be difficult to master the bosses you need. So who on Iron-Reinforced Frostclaw or. Blood flanker is over, the war campaign should end during BfA.

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