WoW: Better drop chance for Legendary recipes

from Sebastian Glanzer
A hotfix installed yesterday (December 3, 2020) increased the drop chance for legendary memories. In addition, the drop chance of legendary effects now scales with the difficulty of the dungeon. One problem remains, however.

As Community Manager Kaivax in the official WoW forum announced, the drop chance for legendary recipes has been increased. The drop chance has also been adjusted to the level of difficulty. In mythical dungeons you should find a higher chance of legendary powers compared to heroic instances. This also has an effect on the Mythic Plus mode: the higher the keystone level, the more the drop chance is increased. With the start of WoW Shadowlands Season 1 next week, players should get more of their legendary memories.

However, this hotfix does not fix one problem: Players leave the dungeons after certain bosses. If you open the "Skills" tab in the adventure guide, you can see exactly where your legendary memories can drop. If you want to complete your collection quickly, you can choose the special bosses in the respective dungeons and farm them. If the boss is defeated, there is currently no reason why you should stay in the dungeon. This is particularly frustrating for players who want to finish the dungeon and, for example, cannot find a new player for a mythical dungeon that has started and have to abort the run.

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With a hotfix to the game that went live yesterday, we improved the drop rates of Legendary Memories relative to dungeon difficulty. Their Mythic difficulty drop rate is now significantly better than on Heroic, which is significantly better than on Normal.

More importantly – the drop rates for Legendary Memories are much higher in Mythic Keystone difficulties, and they ramp upward with the Mythic Keystone level. The availability of Legendary Memories should increase dramatically next week.

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