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Two years ago, motion designer Hurricane inspired countless fans of World of Warcraft with his breathtaking Naxxramas trailer. Now there was finally the announcement for his new fan project: Black Temple Trailer. The video about the TBC Raid Black Temple should be even more extensive. A first teaser promises goose bumps.

Do you remember the breathtaking Hurricane's Naxxramas trailer from 2017? If you had visited Naxxramas at the time, you have to invest this almost 130 seconds lifetime – if not already done! The motion designer is said to have worked on the last project for around 161 days.

And now there was finally another sign of life from Hurricane! With the following teaser video he announced his next WoW fan project (buy now for € 39.99) to: "Black Temple Trailer". The video about the TBC raid Black Temple is supposed to be even more extensive, which is why it will still take some time before he can finish the video. Three months of work are already in the current project – and the first teaser already promises goosebumps potential! But see for yourself:

The finished video will be released next year. We look forward to seeing you too? How did you like "Naxxramas"? Let us know in the comments!

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