WoW: Blizzard takes on the boosting community Gallyxwix

from Matthias Brückle
Gallywix is ​​arguably the largest community for boosting offerings in WoW. But now they have been targeted by developers who warn players against working with Gallywix. We reveal why you should avoid the Gallywix Boost Community.

If you don't feel like levels, raids or other areas of the game in WoW, you can let other players carry you through content – for a fee. This is a win-win situation for both parties, but it is always criticized. However, it is allowed as long as the players involved in the deal only use gold. Blizzard developers have now announced that they will take action against Gallywix, probably the largest booster community in WoW. The Devs also revealed the reasons for this.

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Real money trading in the booster community

The "Gallywix Boost Community" even boasted of working with world-first guilds like Limit and Pieces. But in the official forum, the developers revealed that some accounts connected to Gallywix were blocked on EU and US servers because they were involved in real money trading. This is strictly prohibited according to the WoW terms of use.

Developers also warn players about Gallywix

The Devs also emphasize in the same Blue Post that players should keep their hands off the boosting services of the Gallywix community. Because not only who advertises this service in the future, but also "executes transactions with Gallywix", can get account penalties. In the future, however, the keyword will be – those who have previously used such services will probably not have to be afraid. After all, not every booster user was a real money buyer or knew about such deals.

Source: Blizzard

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