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A faulty interaction between a soul bond talent and a legendary effect means that necrolord holy priests in WoW Shadowlands cannot currently die. We expect a hotfix soon and, in the meantime, advise you not to exhaust the bug at all.

Before we explain how Holy Priests are currently immortalized in WoW Shadowlands, we would like to point out that this is a bug and you for the Exploit this bug (for example to increase your arena rating) face a penalty. We do not know whether there will really be suspensions and we assume that this serious bug will be fixed quickly with a hotfix.

As of today, followers of the Necrolords have access to the third follower of their pact and thus to the ability Forge-born dreamswhich allows you to continue fighting as a skeleton for ten seconds after death, until you finally bless the temporal.

This front row Soul Bond Talent has an incorrect interaction with the Holy Priest Legendary X'anshi, return of Archbishop Benedictus. The effect of the legendary item also resurrects the priest after the Spirit of Redemption has expired. After that, however, this is no longer possible for ten minutes. If he then blesses the temporal again, he becomes a skeleton again, but is really dead afterwards.

Interacting with Blacksmith-born dreams but leads to the fact that holy priests are simply called back to life again and again and are thus actually immortal! You can see how this looks in practice in the following Twitch clip.

And here's the bug in PvP: The holy priest is immortal and cannot be defeated in the arena.

via: icy-veins.com

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