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The Twitch app was never particularly popular, although it made managing and installing WoW addons and mods much easier. At least compared to the manual download. However, many found them too cumbersome and too bulky – not to mention the additional functions that many WoW players were not interested in. Now the predecessor will be the successor – the new CurseForge app is finally here, even if only as a beta version for the time being.

Last June, Overwolf announced that they had taken over the rights to CurseForge from Twitch and that they wanted to revive the almost legendary Curse client in the near future. Afterwards, nothing was heard from the developers for a long time before they then disclosed their schedule in a roadmap. A few days late, the completely revamped Curse Client, which is now called the CurseForge App, has entered the open beta phase.

You can download the new CurseForge app here.

The first version only contains mods for World of Warcraft and is only available for Windows. The Mac version will only appear on November 17th. On the same day, mods and extensions for Minecraft will also be added to the CurseForge app. The CurseForge app should be intuitive and familiar for both newbies and users of the old CurseForge client. This would take you a big step compared to the Twitch app, the operation and structure of which has often been criticized. In a long post, the developers thank all the helpers and testers of the alpha version, without whom the app would never have been possible.

How do you keep your WoW add-ons up to date – manually, via the Twitch app or with the BLASC client? And are you happy that the CurseForge Client is now back as an app?

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