In 2020, Blizzard will let you be the legendary with the mini holiday Call of the Scarab Opening of the gates of Ahn'Qiraj from WoW: Classic relive. From January 21 to 23, you can secure symbolic supremacy over Silithus not only for your faction for a year through various world and collective quests, but since last year with the redden (Horde) or blue qiraj war drone (Alliance) also bag two new mounts. However, you can only use the high-resolution versions of the vanilla mounts during the mini-holiday. The two beetles can be purchased against Warlord Gorchuk (Horde) or Field Marshal Snowfall (Alliance) against Abyssal coat of arms, Your twinks are also happy about a few additional experience points.

Anyone who sees the version of Silithus modified in the course of the victory over the Legion boss Boss Argus, talks to Rhonormu at the gates of Ahn'Qiraj, who brings you into the old version of Silithus including a mini holiday. You can find out what the scarab call is about and what else awaits you in Silithus in our original guide:

The mini-holidays introduced with patch 7.1.5 extend the previous major holiday events in WoW. Spread over the whole year, you always have the opportunity to earn toys, riding horses or pets at the events that are only a few days long. In our short guide we explain what the individual mini-holidays are all about, what there is to do and what rewards await you.

The Scarab Call mini-holiday runs from January 21-23, 2020.

WoW: Call of the Scarab – This is what the mini holiday is all about

These days Azeroth remembers the opening of the Ahn'Qiraj gates. As part of this epic event from Vanilla WoW times, players from both factions had to collect huge amounts of resources before a player was allowed to use the famous gong to open the gates.

: WoW: Call of the Scarab - Mini Holiday Guide

: WoW: Call of the Scarab – Mini Holiday Guide

Source: Wowhead

This was preceded by an extensive quest series in which the respective player had to secure the scepter of the sandstorms. As a reward, the lucky man was given the only legendary mount in the game to date, the Black Qiraji Resonance Crystal, and the title Scarab Lord. Opening the gates of Ahn'Qiraj allowed server-wide access to the two raids Ruins of Ahn'Qiraj and Temples of Ahn'Quiraj. To this day, many WoW players remember this event, which caused the servers to crash in many places: So many characters had gathered in southern Silithus that the WoW infrastructure could not withstand the onslaught and finally collapsed. The reason why many players wanted to attend this event at the time is obvious: over weeks, they had collected countless quantities of craft materials and farmed reputation until it was finally time to reap the rewards of their own work. In addition, the opening of the gates as an event was second to none at the time: such a major event was previously unknown to most MMO fans.
Even if the whole process from hitting the gong to the end of the sequence itself was like a single jerky orgy for many fans (if they could have been part of it at all), the mention of Ahn'Quiraj and the associated event at WoW veterans up to today ecstatic, nostalgically transfigured enthusiasm.

WoW: Scarab Call – Tasks and Rewards

: WoW: Call of the Scarab - Mini Holiday Guide

: WoW: Call of the Scarab – Mini Holiday Guide

Source: Wowhead

So it is understandable that Blizzard has decided to dedicate a separate holiday in WoW to this iconic event. The developers are by no means limited to a few items and event shouts in the capital cities, but rather revive the crucial part of the opening of the gates of Ahn'Qiraj: namely, players can return to Silithus during these days and fight for the glory of their own faction by they complete a number of missions. Each faction receives a certain number of Qiraji points for completing the missions based on the quests surrounding the original opening of the gates. The faction that has collected the most points after the holidays ends wins; their respective banner will then be displayed next to the scarab gong for a year. The "Call of the Scarab" event has the following activities and items for you:

  • Twilight's Hammer cultists Panel:
    • As part of the event, you can once again beat up the Schattenhammer cultists and lighten them for their clothes. The robe, the Pauldrons, the hood and the Abyssal coat of arms celebrate their return.
  • The Abyssal Princes
  • Collect Qiraji points for your faction
    • Exchange 20 meat and get 20 points
      • These include: sandworm meat, crispy spider leg, cool meat, crocolisk tail, raw tiger steak, raw grumpy hoof meat, lean knuckle
    • Complete World Quests for 100-140 points
    • Defeat an Abyssal Prince for 200 points
    • Defeat an Abyssal High Council for 500 points

WoW: Call of the Scarab – World quests as part of the mini holiday

  • Little windstone– Defeat Templar at the Lesser Windstone – 150 points
  • Ahn'Qiraj: Ossirian: Defeat Ossirian the Unscarred in the Ruins of Ahn'Qiraj – 100 points
  • The ruins of Ahn'Qiraj: C'thun: Defeat C'thun in the Temple of Ahn'Qiraj – 150 points
  • silithyst: Collect Silithyst – 100 points
  • The Colossus of Zora / Regal / Ashi – Defeat Zora / Ashi / Regal (opponents from the original event) – 150 points

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