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WoW heroes face their own challenges. From this category comes a video from WoW fan Ilya Pavlenko, who killed the boss with his fire magician in the winding corridors of Torghast on floor 18 thanks to overpower animation bonuses. Solo. And naked.

With the right animation bonuses through Torghast in WoW: Shadowlands, that has brought true tears of joy to the eyes of many a WoW player. The feeling of absolute dominance when you blow the bosses with overpowering skills in the blink of an eye is something nice! You don’t always need it, but when that happens you feel king of the world again.

The great thing about Torghast is that the winding corridors and all the other wings mean an adrenaline rush paired with thrills and gambling with every new pass. Do we get the really good animation bonuses or do we cram down the aisles with Mickerbonus bonuses on the floors before the end?

If you have bagged the really good bonuses, then you can make the whole thing a bit more challenging, at least that was what WoW fan Ilya Pavlenko thought. On floor 18 of the winding corridors he decided to completely undress his fire magician and face the boss there, that is: Ilya Pavlenko was playing with an iLvL-0-Mage. You can see what the animaboni really do in Torghast in the following video.

Up to this point the magician has collected 44 animaboni, among others Heavily polished hand mirror and all seven Saphirprismathat make for a lot of reflection in the mirror. If this is a bit too crass to imitate for you, but you still want one or two tips for the fire magician in Torghast, then take a look at our short guide to the fire magician in Torghast.

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