In the World of Warcraft lore, shamans are the spiritual leaders of their tribes and clans. They communicate with ghosts, can see the future and lead their people through the darkest times. Their wisdom and serenity are often mistakenly viewed as pacifistic. However, when challenged, shamans use their diverse powers to deal with threats to natural order.

Shamans are members of a secondary healer class (which follows the priest class), which has an interesting range of spells and options. They are particularly popular with other group members because of their healing arts and useful totems. Shamans can set up up to four types of totems: air, earth, fire, and water. As a shaman player, you have to find out which totem is best for which situation. The following tips are based on Caperfin's Elemental Shaman PvE Guide, The corresponding (English-language) video of team-mate Melderon with many PowerPoint sheets, a lot of theorycrafting information and other talent builds can be seen in the appendix of the article. General tips for a quick start in WoW Classic can be found in this special and an overview of all WoW Classic zones for optimal game progress in this article.

In the past, when the subject of shamans was addressed in PvE, it was usually assumed that it was about a healing shaman. The fact that a magical shaman can deal significant damage in PvE has been deliberately ignored. Now that all mechanics of the game have been examined by theory creators for over a decade, this traditional idea has been sufficiently refuted. An elementary shaman can – provided he has the appropriate expertise and equipment – not only deal a lot of damage, but also provide excellent support for his teammates.

Elemental Shaman Leveling – Pros and Cons

In WoW (buy now for € 19.50) Classic offers three specializations to level your shaman: booster shaman with a two-handed weapon, booster shaman with one-handed weapon and shield, and elementary shaman. What is "optimal" is a matter of opinion: If you want to level as gently as possible, choose an amplifier build with one-handed weapon and shield; if there is more (melee) damage, you exchange the shield for a two-handed weapon. The Elemental Shaman offers the following advantages and disadvantages within this trio:


  • Fastest level speed (from level 40)


  • Relatively high to very high mana consumption
  • Slower leveling up to level 40

Election of the Elemental Shaman

The popular election plays a big role if you strive for maximum efficiency. Shamans in WoW Classic are exclusively available for the Horde, and you can choose from three races: Orc, Tauren and Troll. Unfortunately, our cattle-like and green friends have no beneficial racial skills for elemental shamans, which is why our focus is on the trolls. Trolls offer:

  • Berserker: Increases your attack and spell speed by 10% to 30%. With full health, the pace is increased by 10%. The effect is increased by up to 30% if you are seriously injured when activating the berserk ability. Lasts 10 seconds, 3 minute cooldown.
  • regeneration: Health regeneration rate increased by 10%. 10% of total health regeneration can continue during the fight.
  • Beast Slaying: Damage dealt to wildlife increased by 5%.
  • Throwing Weapon Specialization: Thrown weapon skill increased by 5.
  • bow specialization: Skill in handling arches increased by 5.

As a result, trolls are the ideal people to inflict as much damage on a target as possible. They are particularly outstanding for bosses who are classified as beasts. But if you absolutely want to play a tauren or orc, you should do that. This tip is only intended to show the special advantages of the trolls.

Professions for elemental shamans

During the lengthy phase of the level, they offer themselves Herbalism and alchemy on. Herbalism provides useful reagents for alchemy and is also a good source of income for later endgame professions. The potions buffs are very useful for aspiring elemental shamans. If you have accumulated enough gold later, replace herbalism with engineeringto create useful items and tools, such as the Arcanite Dragonling or the Goblin Pioneer Explosive Charge, The secondary professions – first aid, cooking and fishing – you should all take with you because they provide you with other welcome food buffs in addition to healing associations during the level phase.

Elemental Shaman buffs

Buffs are an essential part of playing efficiently, especially for elemental shamans, and in this guide we'll introduce you to the most important ones.

The Elemental Shaman level build

WoW Classic: The Elemental Shaman level build

WoW Classic: The Elemental Shaman level build

Source: Wowhead

For this build (Wowhead Link) you start in the elementary talent tree:

Continues the distribution of points in the recovery talent tree:

For elemental shamans, the following stat priorities on equipment apply:

  • Intelligence = magic damage > Endurance = armor > Willpower = mana regeneration > Strength = flexibility

The following priorities apply to elementary shamans when setting totems:

The mana problem – tip for elemental shamans

Even if you as an elemental shaman are already very advanced and well positioned in terms of intelligence, chance to hit with spells and critical chance to hit thanks to talents and equipment, you will be there without mana even at moderate game speeds. The default Morning Glory from the dealer (with no discount) with 1.60 gold per stack (20 pieces) is not only very expensive, but also only comparatively little mana is restored in the course of 30 seconds with 2,934 points. Before you go on a "tour", it is therefore advisable to ask the city's trade chat about magicians who Conjured crystal water can manufacture. 2 gold pieces for 4 stacks (80 pieces) are a fair price here. Conjured crystal water restores 4,200 mana points in 30 seconds, significantly increasing your farm speed and protecting your wallet.

There are more WoW Classic guides for shamans here: WoW Classic: 1-60 level guide for amplifier shamans "src ="

WoW Classic: 1-60 level guide for amplifier shamans

WoW Classic: In this guide we show you how to play your amp shaman efficiently from level 1 up to maximum level 60.

Video: Classic WoW Advanced Shaman Leveling Guide

WoW Classic: Shaman – Fire Totem questline

In the following series of pictures you can see our young orc shaman playing the very important fire totem. With German texts and names, all stations of the trip including the important map positions are recorded. In the second gallery below you can see them playing the water totem, which not only allows shamans to use healing skills, but also significantly increases self-healing and thus survivability when playing solo.

WoW Classic: Call of Fire – The Shaman's Fire Totem Quest Line (1) (Source: Buffed)

WoW Classic: Shaman – Water Totem questline

WoW Classic: Call of Water – The Shaman's Water Totem Quest Line (1) (Source: Buffed)

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