WoW Classic: 3 Legendarys in one MC-Run

from Karsten Scholz
While various guilds in WoW Classic are still waiting for their first Thunderfury sword or Sulfuras, the community of the well-known streamer Esfand Legendarys continues to collect as if they were stamps. Now both fetters and the eye are dropped in a "Molten Core" run. So much luck is a little bit cheeky, isn't it? 😉

In WoW Classic, your guild also belongs to the communities that continue to build on their first one Thunder angerSword or the first Sulfuras, hand of Ragnaros waiting? Thanks to the low drop chances of the two shackles or the eye of Sulfuras, it may be that after all the months you have been left empty-handed, although you clean the Molten Core every week.

But there is also the other extreme. Let's take the alliance guild Crusade by the well-known streamer Esfand. Already in February published a video, because he was now able to forge thunder rage for his paladin after Sulfuras – and of course Esfand wanted to capture exactly this moment. Maybe you are wondering why a paladin gets both Legendarys, after all, the blade in the hand of, for example, warrior tanks makes a lot more sense. Well, thanks to Drop-GlĂŒck, the guild was able to give three other players thunder rage before. It was simply his turn.

But the luck of Esfand and Crusade was far from exhausted. It's hard to say from a distance how many Legendarys have been pulled out of the bosses so far. Thanks to the last video on Esfand's Canal we know, however, that in a "Molten Core" run they got both shackles AND the eye. But see for yourself:

So much luck is a little bit cheeky, isn't it? However, it is likeable how much Esfand is still happy about every drop, even though it is already fully equipped. How did the previous raid IDs go for you? How many players have you been able to equip with Legendarys so far? Let us know in the comments!

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