WoW Classic: 4 player group defeated Onyxia

of Sebastian Glanzer
Even with a lot of experience and good equipment, it can sometimes happen on the Classic servers that Onyxia is not sent on the boards in the first attempt. It may only be embarrassing when you realize that a group of just four players managed to beat the broodmother on the official WoW Classic servers.

Raiders on the official Classic servers are likely romping around on one of the battlefields to refine their gear until the upcoming Blackwing Hoard release. Onyxia and Ragnaros have been in the dirt for almost half a year now. Ragnaros didn't even survive the first ID after the official Classic servers were released. This is partly due to patch status 1.12. Secondly, it is due to the fact that players have learned something new.

Nevertheless, you can of course still wipe as a 40-player group at Onyxia if things don't go as planned. A group with only four players has now managed to send the brood mother to the boards. The group consisted of a warrior, a holy priest, a holy paladin and a hunter who was responsible for the damage. As you can see from the logs, the fight lasted almost an hour. And who knows how many attempts the four took …

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As glorious as the victory was, you have to ask yourself whether it was worth it – in the truest sense. Because in addition to repair costs, the two healers in the group alone consumed almost 50 Substantial mana potions such as Dark Runen, To support his two healers, the tank threw 18 throughout the fight Large fire protection potions on. On some servers, almost 500 gold tend to come together.

The minimum number of players for an onyxia kill in WoW (buy now for € 26.99) Classic is 3 players. This feat was accomplished by a hunter, a holy paladin and a protection warrior, but with the best possible equipment from Naxxramas and Co. You can see the video here:

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