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There are a lot of crazy gamers in WoW. But if you only beat up mobs for a year and a half to bring 60 different characters to the maximum level in Classic – without doing a quest, you are in a very special category of crazy.

When WoW Classic started about a year and a half ago, millions of players flocked to the classic world of Azeroth and leveled all the way. For most of them, it was about reaching the maximum level and then enjoying the final content. Some of the players already had enough of leveling after the first char, which is known to be quite tough with WoW Classic and takes a long time. Still, most of the active Classic players have caught up with a twink or two over time. The player Rommildrey had completely different plans.

  • He has brought a whopping 60 different characters to the maximum level 60 in the course of WoW Classic.

60 characters at level 60 – how many quests were that?

For that he needed an incredible 316 days of pure playtime. You don’t need to have attended an advanced math course to calculate that it took around 12 hours of play time a day. The really impressive (or rather disturbing) thing is that he didn’t complete a single quest for it. Instead, he has knocked out one mob after the next in an extremely stupid manner. Always until the rest bonus of the experience points was used up. Then he went on to the next character. According to his own statement, he consumed an extremely large number of films and series. Understandable, otherwise he would have gone mad.

Incidentally, this was not the first action of this kind by him. Already in WoD he wanted to bring 100 characters to the maximum level 100. However, according to his statements, this had little to do with a “hard leveling experience”, since leveling at that time was simply too easy and too fast.

Whether he does the whole thing with WoW (buy now 14,99 € ) BC Classic wants to repeat and brings 70 characters to level 70, he has not yet decided. Obviously he has enough time.

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