WoW Classic: As villain as much DpS in MC and BWL

WoW Classic: As villain as much DpS in MC and BWL as possible – how it works!

We had told you in a comprehensive guide how you can use the Villains in the WoW Classic Endgame cuts a good figure. If you want to rock the DpS logs with your poison mixer in the Molten Core or in the Blackwing Lair, you have to bring more than "only" the obligatory talent distribution and an error-free rotation. Only with optimal preparation, boss-specific adjustments and one or the other trick can you pull the other damage expert away.

In this guide we tell you what you have to do to be with your villain in the WoW raids (buy now for € 32.90) Classic to achieve the highest possible damage values. If you have further tips and tricks ready, feel free to hit them in the comments section!

Which villain style does more damage?

The answer to this question depends on many factors. Basically you can say that you do it with many bosses in the Molten Core as a sword villain easier to get high damage values, as it is sometimes difficult as a dagger swinging in the turmoil to stand behind the target for the entire time – and this is exactly where you have to position yourself if you Assassination or Ambush want to use.

The challenges in Blackwing hoard are again like for dagger villains made: There is usually only one target that hardly moves, so it is no problem to constantly beat the boss on the back. Of course, your equipment also plays a role. A sword villain with Vis'kag the bloodshed and Relentless blade is involved in business studies against colleagues Blade of Corruption and Kernhundzahn (with an otherwise comparable starting position). However, that changes as soon as that Chromatically hardened sword and Maladath, Runed Blade of the Black Flock of Dragons end up in the blade master’s hands.

The author of these lines already played a villain in raid content in Vanilla-WoW, and also in Classic he has returned to the 'Main' with more than 42 days of play.

The author of these lines already played a villain in raid content in Vanilla-WoW, and also in Classic he has returned to the "Main" with more than 42 days of play.

Source: Buffed

The main buffs for maximum damage

If you want to cause maximum damage in WoW Classic – and this applies to all classes – you must take full advantage of the numerous and often enormously powerful buff options available in the game. We present the most important buffs and DpS consumables for villains again below.

The most important world buffs for villains

If you want to cause maximum damage, you should stock up on the following World Buffs before the raid:

The most important DpS consumables

In addition to the buffs mentioned above, you should fortify yourself with the following DpS consumables before each fight:

If you don't want to invest quite as much gold per raid, there are cheaper consumables alternatives (maximum DpS is then of course no longer possible):

More damage at the push of a button with these consumables

Since we are talking about Classic-WoW, there are various other consumables with which you can further increase your damage:

CAUTION: Hail of the Juju promises a DpS plus in the tooltip due to the increased attack speed, but the developers have confirmed that at the same time your character's damage is reduced.

Non-DpS consumables that increase your DpS

Non-DpS consumables that increase your DpS? Sounds strange, but it is true! The following consumables do not directly increase your damage, but often, when used correctly, result in a higher DpS.

Since only living villains can cause damage and you don't want to lose the world buffs and consumables through an unnecessary death, it makes sense to increase your survival power further. About with:

Ragnaros have classes like magicians and warlocks. However, villains can still achieve high damage values ​​here.

Ragnaros have classes like magicians and warlocks. However, villains can still achieve high damage values ​​here.

Source: Blizzard

Tips and tricks for maximum damage in MC and BWL

Below we want to give you a few general tips, but also specific tips for certain raid bosses, with which you can increase the damage of your villain.

The battle opening with limited invulnerability potion

Attack even without energy
#showtooltip Sinister shock
/ cleartarget (dead) (help)
/ start attack
/ cast Sinister shock

Of course it also works with assassinations! One of the biggest advantages of a villain is that he has his threat with it Disappear can reset to zero at the push of a button. This advantage allows us, for example, to start the fight extremely aggressively, especially when we are just about to pull Limited invulnerability potion throw in. The potion ensures that the immunity threat built up in the next few seconds does not affect the boss. Thanks to the potion, you can go full throttle from the first second, while the tank is actually "fueling" the target. You activate shortly before the effect expires Disappearto completely remove the threat you have built up during this time. Here are a few practical experiences:

  • Use this opening really only if Disappear ready. Otherwise the boss will give you after the expiry of Limited invulnerability potion his full attention.
  • With some bosses it makes more sense to like potions Potion of free action to use that are on the same cooldown.
  • Disappear comes very early at this opening, earlier than normal. If for some reason the tank cannot build normal threat, there is a risk that despite it Disappear gets aggro problems later. Also at Vaelastrasz in BWL you should be very careful – depending on the aggro structure of your tank – especially with daggers.
  • This opening is not really worth it in boss fights with add-ons (of which there are some in MC), in which you first target a servant. If you should pull aggro here due to your aggressiveness, you can use the add if necessary Escape refuel safely for a while (and one Limited invulnerability potion Throw in later if necessary).
  • Only test this opening in MC, as it is relatively harmless here if you pull aggro. Do you miss the use of Disappear shortly before Limited invulnerability potion, then in the worst case one of the dragons looks into the raid while it is working on the shadow flame.

Throw in a potion of free action before you approach Razorgore.

Throw in a potion of free action before you approach Razorgore.

Source: Blizzard

The optimal use of the cooldowns

As a villain, you have two skills that you can use to inflict your damage for a short time and that you want to use in every fight if possible (which is sometimes not possible, as cooldowns sometimes run when the next boss is due). : Adrenaline rush and Blade vertebrae. Here are a few basic tips for use:

  • Use the two skills in combination if possible. Adrenaline rush mainly pushes the damage of blade vertebrae when several enemies are within range (we only deviate from this rule in Onyxias Hort. Here we hold blade vertebrae for the puppy phase. We use adrenaline rush, however, in direct exchange of blows with the brood mother) .
  • Also make sure that you can hit your victim undisturbed in the 15 seconds after activation. It also means that you just before Chopping renewed with five combo points.
  • In every fight with multiple opponents, the optimal use of blade swirls is crucial for your overall damage. With Lucifron and Gehennas, many raids servants and boss simply pull together. If this is also the case with you, your adrenaline rush and blade whirl will of course blow out immediately when all opponents have been positioned in one place. The same applies to majordomus: If there is a phase in which you kill several of the servants in one place, then your damage-increasing effects should run.
  • In the case of business bosses with add phases (Razorgore and Nefarian), use their blade swivel (without adrenaline rush) as early as possible. Due to the rather short cooldown of the attack, it will be available again later in the actual boss phase.

In Chromaggus's 20 percent phase, a particularly large amount of damage hits the tank. Supports the healer / dispeller with a regeneration potion. & Nbsp;

In Chromaggus's 20 percent phase, a particularly large amount of damage hits the tank. Supports the healer / dispeller with a regeneration potion.

Source: Blizzard

More tips for business and MC bosses

  • Uses at Lucifron (MC) one Regeneration potionso you don’t have to worry about the debuffs.
  • Opened at Magmadar (MC) With Limited invulnerability potion.
  • Approach Gehennas (MC) with a Potion of free action, so that you don't suffer a loss of DpS due to the anesthetic.
  • Opened at Garr (MC) With Limited invulnerability potion.
  • Shipyard before fighting Shazzrah (MC) one early Large Arcane Protection Potion a. Caution: if you come here Limited invulnerability potion opened, you can’t Regeneration potion, Healing potion or second Arcane Protection Potion. Your raid's healers and dispellers must intercept this.
  • With Large fire protection potion you can spend your time on Baron Geddon (MC) increase slightly, and the opening is also worthwhile Limited invulnerability potion. With the Baron, however, playing too aggressively could quickly backfire, so don't overdo it.
  • If the servants from Sulfuron Herald (MC) are moving together, the time has come for all damage-increasing options. When it comes to the actual boss, you raise with Potion of free action your "uptime" on the herald.
  • The fight against Major Dome (MC) is often quite chaotic and maximum damage is only possible if your blade vortex and adrenaline rush actually pull in the window of time when two or more servants are being filled in one spot.
  • You can do the most damage with Ragnaros (MC) cause when your melee camp remains at maximum range to Ragnaros and the tanks spin at a mockery. So the threat should stay with the tanks and only one melee should fly through the air. If you are not caught, very high damage numbers are possible.
  • If Razorgore (business) intervenes in the fight, throw one Potion of free action a. So you don't have to worry about the stun effect of the boss.
  • Sword villains should join Vaelastrasz (business administration) necessarily put daggers. You can do the talent in the fight tree Improved assassination take with you without having to forego sword-specific damage talents. Even without the MC and BWL blades, your damage will be significantly higher than if you were wearing the current BiS swords. There are two fairly easy to get daggers Ghost breaker (don't worry, the debuff doesn't affect bosses) and Distracting dagger. In order to sink as many global cooldowns into assassins, it is also best to activate the blade vortex here shortly before your opening.
  • At Brood Guardian Threshing Horse (BWL) worth opening with Limited invulnerability potion. Also throw one early Large fire protection potion a. If possible, position yourself so that you are thrown against the wall. Otherwise you lose too much time by walking back to the boss.
  • At Fire Wing (BWL) we recommend that you build up as much fire resistance as possible. Although you lower your damage potential, it increases the chance that the Flame buffer runs out again and again, so that at best you don't even have to run out of sight – the bottom line is maximum damage. The more fire resistance you get from alternative sources (UBRS buff, Ember of the Juju, Auras, totems), the less fire resistance equipment you have to wear. shipyard Large fire protection potion early on so you can join Limited invulnerability potion can open. In spite of you Disappear If you get aggro problems, introduce yourself briefly Wing beat to the tank.
  • At Shadow Wing and Flame Mouth (BWL) you can also with Limited invulnerability potion open. If your raid is so fast that you can only get a rush of adrenaline from one of the dragons, then do it with the first of the two dragons. This way, adrenaline rush is definitely available again at Chromaggus.
  • Forget about Chromaggus (BWL) don't put your normal cloak back on! Puts Goblin Pioneer Explosive Charge in case of fire vulnerability. Regeneration potion can temporarily relieve your dispatchers.
  • At Nefarian (business) your blade swivel will start early in the first add phase. The actual opening on the boss takes place with Limited invulnerability potion. Alternatively, hold back the villain call potion if Nefarian isn't spun fast enough. As soon as the Adds reappear, it's time for Goblin Pioneer Explosive Charge or Holy water from Stratholme came.

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