WoW Classic: At level 60 in under 20 hours

from Karsten Scholz
Another player has set a new speed level record for WoW Classic. This time the mark could even be pushed below 20 hours to get from level 1 to level 60. However, Maguno's strategy is not that easy to copy …

Since the release of WoW Classic, players have been finding new ways to reach the maximum level of 60 as quickly as possible. That made the start Magician Jokerd is known shortly after the releasewhen he saw the first level 60 character of the Classic era just three days and 20 hours after launch.

New records followed, for example that of Arlaeus (2 days 15 hours) in March or that of TommySalami (almost 48 hours in June). Maguno from the Heartseeker server recently showed that it can be done much, much faster.

He played himself a character in just 19 hours and ten minutes (!) At level 60. The only thing is: His strategy cannot be copied just like that.

  • The well-known multiboxer used the help of 81 (!) Other characters from his various accounts to boost the newbie to the maximum level in record time.
  • The twinks were parked in specific locations across six different levels.
  • The support from other characters started at level 3. Before that, I made a detour to Stormwind to get equipment for the next levels.
  • From level 58 to level 60, it only took about 15 minutes thanks to the coins from Zul'Gurub.

You can see how this looks live and in color (but compressed to a little more than 29 minutes) in the following video:

You can certainly imagine this achievement on Reddit and Co. is currently hotly debated. Experience has shown that multiboxers do not have too many fans. Still a remarkable time, right?

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