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Will the classic version of the MMORPG's World of Warcraft soon be expanded with the addon The Burnring Crusade? Blizzard is currently asking some fans if they are interested.

Blizzard has selected a few MMORPG players World of Warcraft Classic started a survey. Among other things, it asks if there is interest in a classic version of the add-on The Burning Crusade.

Is the Burning Crusade Classic coming?

Blizzard is having a bit of a problem right now that the community is divided about World of Warcraft Classic content replenishment. Some want more content and that as quickly as possible, the others would like new content to be published as slowly as possible. The classic release of the first major WoW addon from 2005 would of course be a drastic change. Therefore, Blizzard offers a few options:

  • The addon is installed on the Classic server and there is regular progress, as was the case before
  • There is a special Burning Crusade Classic server that players can transfer their heroes to. The regular WoW Classic server is retained
  • On a new Burning Crusade server you start with a new level 58 hero
  • You start at level 1 with a new hero on a special server for The Burning Crusade
  • None of what was mentioned

Which variant for a possible introduction of The Burning Crusade in WoW Classic (buy now for 14.95 €) would you wish for?

Source: PCGamer

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