from Karsten Scholz
In Zul'Gurub some cosmetic highlights from the entire WoW Classic era can drop. For example, the tome of transformation: turtle, the handgun duo Ursegen and of course the two mounts. The latter have an extremely low drop chance and will attract collectors to the troll city for many months. However, a guild was especially blessed by Fortuna and was able to secure the Tiger and Raptor mount from Zul'Gurub.

A few months ago I had the one-sided one WoW Classic's loot algorithm Themes: While some pieces of prey keep dropping, others don't want to show up for months. For example, my guild has neither Sulfuras, hand of Ragnaros, another Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker. The community of well-known Youtubers Esfand however, could already build four thunder rage and two sulfuras. This, admittedly, very extreme example is only the inspiration for many other, comparably one-sided "loot observations" from the Vanilla and Classic era.

With the start of phase 4 and the opening of Zul'Gurub, a few more, very interesting pieces of loot have come into play this week. There are some highlights, especially in the cosmetic area, such as the Tome of Transformation: Turtle, the Fist weapon duo Ursegenthat can briefly transform you into a tiger god, and of course the two mounts Fast razzashiraptor such as Fast Zulian tiger.

The latter two drops are particularly popular because they immediately catch the eye and have a very low drop chance. So low that you could visit Zul'Gurub hundreds of times in Vanilla-WoW without even finding a mount in your loot bags. But as the introduction already indicated, the factor of chance will bring very extreme results to light with these mounts. There is already a guild called The Boys from the Herod server that was able to earn both mounts in just two visits from Zul'Gurub. But see for yourself:

Now I want to know from you: How happy or lucky your guild was in WoW (buy now for € 28.99) Classic? Which loot highlights have you been able to tap? Which pieces of prey are you particularly keen on? Let us know in the comments!

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