from Karsten Scholz
Patch 1.13.3 for WoW Classic is to be played on the Liveserver in the coming night and implement above all the first two battlefields as well as the elementary invasions. However, the developers also prepare the client for chargeable character transfers with the update, which may be introduced later.

The developers of Blizzard on December 6 have the last free character transfer phase for WoW Classic ended? Well, at least there was in the last night official patch notes from update 1.13.3 the information that with the upcoming maintenance on Wednesday, among others, the client of Classic will prepare for chargeable character transfers. Exactly the wording reads as follows:

"With this patch, the client will support chargeable character transfers, which may be rolled out later."

The fact that there might be the possibility of chargeable service services such as character transfers, character renaming or popular adjustment, had emphasized the developers several times in the past – for example in this interview from the summit event in May. Now they are preparing at least the possibility of chargeable character moves. The word "possibly" also underlines that Blizzard wants to leave a back door open, but in the end, not to bring this service – for whatever reason.

Due to the current location on just about all PvP servers However, we believe that chargeable character transfers will come sooner rather than later. how do you see it?

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