WoW Classic: Classic esport event teased

from Susanne Braun
The WoW developers have teased an event in WoW Classic on their WoW esport channel on Twitter and relined the pretty picture of a perplexed orc with the loading screen of the Warsong Gulch aka Warsong Gulch. Soon there will be more information … for a heroic battle in the gorge!

So far, WoW Classic has been under the radar of Blizzard developers when it comes to esports, but that seems to be changing soon. Because via the official WoW esport account on Twitter, the WoW makers released a post that indicates an event in Classic. The text of the tweet itself is not very meaningful: "It would definitely be cool if there would be a cool event soon," it says. "We definitely don't say anything about a cool event. Not even this week. Oh man …" The news is garnished with the hashtag #WoWEsports. The picture published on the other hand speaks a few volumes more. You can see a perplexed orc with a question mark over his head in front of the loading screen of the Warsong Gulch aka Warsong Gulch, the most famous capture-the-flag battlefield of World of Warcraft. The outlines of the WoW Classic logo can be seen. However, what is behind the orc for a lettering is not really recognizable. The words – we just assume that there are two – begin with "S" and end with "ash". Sounds like a clash, if we can be honest.

Now the question arises, what will happen there – apart from the question of whether you would be interested in watching an event around Warsong Gulch. The Authors of WoWHead has also noticed that the Blizzard people are for the Chinese side of WoW (buy now for € 14.99) Classic set up an esports site that tracks wargames, flag captures, and victories like losses. So it is possible that US and European fans of WoW Classic can also follow these numbers. The Wargames feature, which was discovered in the game in May 2020, allows you to target other 5-man teams on the battlefield. If it is clear what is going on, we will of course inform you.