WoW Classic: ectoplasmic distiller – Blizzard hotfixt aggro-trick

from Karsten Scholz
With phase 5 of WoW Classic, Azeroth heroes can finally upgrade their blue dungeon set to the better Tier 0.5 version. In the course of the necessary questline, the task is to use the ectoplasmic distiller to draw ectoplasm from defeated spirits. What many do not know: Already in Vanilla, tanks used the device in Naxxramas, for example, to build up an enormous amount of aggro. Classic won't do that, thanks to Hotfix.

With Phase 5 of WoW Classic Azeroth heroes can finally upgrade their blue dungeon set to the better Tier 0.5 version. In the course of necessary questline it applies among other things with the Ectoplasmic distiller Draw ectoplasm from defeated spirits.

In the Discord groups of the Classic Warriors (Fight Club) and Classic Druids, experience reports quickly appeared after the start of phase 5, according to which the distiller is a great way to increase the aggro of a tank. The effect of the device is significantly improved by the defensive stance or bear shape. Incidentally, this is not a completely new discovery. Even in Vanilla-WoW, occasional tanks used the distiller to better bind opponent groups to themselves in Naxxramas (via Reddit). This could even simplify individual mechanics noticeably, for example with fan tears in the temple of Ahn'Qiraj or with Grobbulus in Naxxramas.

What has already been used in Vanilla-WoW (and tolerated by the developers) obviously doesn't have to be tolerated in Classic. After a post on Reddit, who pointed out the aggro mechanics of the Quest device, the responsible persons at Blizzard reacted immediately and applied a hotfix (via Wowhead). So if your tanks were just there, the T-0.5 questline to the quest Ectoplasm hunt to play the Ectoplasmic distiller to get: Let it be, it is no longer worth it!

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