WoW Classic: Failing Caverns – WoWCraft Episode 45

from Norbert Rätz
The 45th episode of the WoWCraft animation series is dedicated to the Carbot Animations World of Warcraft Classic studio. You want to know what happened back then in the Cave of Wailing suit? Here you will learn!

As the title of the WoWCraft episode, "Failing Caverns," suggests, the new cartoon by Carbot Animations revolves around the instance of "Wailing Caverns." A whole series of "memes" are cited, such as the group search at the instance entrance or the excess of opponent control. We do not want to spoil too much at this point – look at it yourself. Have fun!

By the way: The small, now very popular masterpieces are not created for free. A one to two minute cartoon devours a week of production time, as Jonathan Burton of Carbot reveals. On his Patreon website You can support the team with a small donation so that not only we but also Carbot will have a good laugh!

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