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Update: We'll tell you where and when you can watch the WoW Classic Tournament "Fall Conquest". Original: On the official website of World of Warcraft, Blizzard officials have announced another PvP tournament for WoW Classic. Fall Conquest is slated to run from October 3rd to October 18th, focusing on 15vs15 battles in the Arathi Basin, and registrations for the tournament are now open.

Update from September 29th:
The people in charge at Blizzard now also have a viewer guide for the upcoming WoW Classic Event "Fall Conquest" at the official website of World of Warcraft released. By the way, registration for EU participants will run until Thursday, October 1st at 7:00 p.m. CEST. Interested? It's this way!

If you just want to watch, the schedule of the broadcast is of course particularly interesting. The qualifying rounds for the EU region will take place from October 3rd to 4th.

There are some old friends among the commentators:

Original message from September 17th:
After this "Summer Bowl" in summer the Blizzard developers want to organize an official PvP tournament for WoW Classic in autumn. The WoW Classic Event "Fall Conquest" will take place in the three weeks from October 3rd to 18th in 15vs15 format in the Arathi Basin. There is a total of 12,000 US dollars in prize money to be won. The teams from North America and Europe can secure a share of the respective regional prize pool of 6,000 US dollars!

The implementation of the tournament is via the "Test of strength" feature realized on the live servers of Classic. In the following you will find all important information about the tournament, the registration and the prizes:

  • Teams of 15 players each register for their region. All eligible players who live on a Wow (buy now 15.00 € ) Classic Have a character at level 60 can register. Here you will find all the requirements for participation and registration for the NA and region here for the EU region!
  • The tournament consists of two phases in each region: the qualification phase and the finals.
    • Registration for the qualification phase is open.
    • The six best teams from each region compete in the finals.
  • The teams battle each other on the live servers using the test of strength, which allows players to face other teams from their region on the battlefield.
  • The six best teams from North America and Europe will each compete for a total of 6,000 USD in prize money.
  • For more information, see the full set of rules on the registration pages for N / A and EU.

Further information, for example about the commentators and the registered teams, should be available in the next few weeks. We will of course keep you up to date.

Source: Blizzard

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