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On the WoW Classic PTR, players were surprised to find that Sapphiron's frost aura is damaging the entire raid every second. They had in mind that the aura actually only works every two seconds. A bug? The first reaction from Blizzard was: The Aura behaves like on the reference client from Patch 1.12. Now the developers have taken a closer look at the whole thing and commented on it in detail.

Almost a week ago, interested players were allowed to join the public test server from WoW Classic test the two final bosses from Naxxramas for the first time: Sapphiron and Kel'Thuzad. Thanks to the supplied buff (more damage, more healing, more life and 200 frost resistance), the two bastards could be sent to the dust by various raids very quickly. Nevertheless, the fights showed that one should not underestimate the undead dragon in particular.

The fact that many players went to their knees in the fight against Sapphiron despite 200 and more frost resistance and a lot of life points was mainly due to the constantly ticking frost aura, which nibbles on the health of all raid participants every second. In fact, many testers considered this to be a bug, as they had in mind that Sapphiron's frost aura should only inflict damage every two seconds instead of every second. Tickets were created and the response from Blizzard came quickly: The Aura behaves as it does on the reference client from Patch 1.12. Ergo: no bug.

Based on the player feedback, the designers have taken on the whole thing again and now in one extensive forum post commented on it. We have summarized the most important findings for you below.

  • After the investigation, the frost aura is now adjusted so that it will cause damage to the live servers "only" every two seconds.
  • The developers looked at videos from the vanilla era and found that the aura mostly caused damage every two seconds, but sometimes every second.
  • A new examination on the reference client showed a comparable picture: The aura usually ticked every two seconds, but sometimes every second.
  • During the research, the developers also came across a hotfix for Patch 3.0.8, with which the aura was fixed at two seconds and in which those responsible spoke of a faulty tooltip that has now been corrected.
  • The final solution was in the original code from back then. Actually, the developers of Vanilla (which a dev from the original team then confirmed) wanted the aura to inflict damage every second. The structure of the original script as well as a bug ensured that the ticks hindered each other and in most cases were shifted by one second => the aura ticked almost continuously only every two seconds.
  • Since the players from back then actually had to struggle with a two-second aura in most cases, Blizzard will also adjust the frost aura of Sapphiron in Classic to two seconds.

The healers in particular will be happy about it, right?

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