WoW Classic: gong strike here, drama there

from Karsten Scholz
In the last few hours, the first WoW Classic servers were able to strike the gong, start the associated world event and ultimately open Ahn'Qiraj. With it: lots of emotions, drama and a server that opposed a guild. The afternoon program of some private channels is a joke!

Already the first ID of WoW Classic Phase 5 had made it clear: Azeroth is about something. Perhaps the most exclusive reward in WoW history: the Black Qiraji resonance crystal. And the fastest possible availability of the new raid animal. Both combined with a lot of effort, numerous activities in the open game world and a stark competitive situation. The result of the first week: lots of frustration, drama and spectacle for outsiders.

The crucial steps of Opening of Ahn'Qiraj However, the first servers only took place in this raid ID. Of course, we mean the gong strike that started the associated world event and opened the gates of the two raid challenges AQ20 and AQ40 ten hours later. And yes: On the servers involved, things got really busy. But more on that later.

First of all, we want to congratulate the players who first secured the black Qiraji mount and could thus become the prince of the scarabs: Souffle, Flashmob and Danaima from the US server Sulfuras. There were also three players on each of the following servers who were able to secure the mount early. The official list of Blizzard is there in the official WoW forum.

From our point of view, the guild Onslaught of Skeram deserves a special mention. First, because the server is completely dominated by the Horde (99 percent Horde, 1 percent Alliance) and the Progress Guild according to Wowhead Almost single-handedly should have provided the war stocks for both factions. Secondly, because Onslaught could strike the gong on Skeram first and thus initiate the opening. And thirdly, because the community then also C'Thun first kill for the US region fetched. A guild was obviously hot as fries fat.

Dramatic climax

On some Classic servers, however, the longed-for gong strike was not as smooth. What was particularly remarkable was what happened on Sulfura's server. The alliance guild GRIZZLY had made many enemies there last week because the members of the community are said to have pulled out various competitors through targeted reporting in Blizzard's system (with subsequent ban sentences for those reported).

In the past few hours, the server's Horde players have teamed up to make it impossible for GRIZZLY members to strike the gong within ten hours. Over 600 fighters under the red banner are said to have gathered at the bottleneck in front of the caves of time and have successfully defended them for hours. Here are a few impressions of Sulfuras:

What do you think: How smooth or dramatic will the opening of Ahn'Qiraj be on your server? Let us know in the comments!

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