Hunters follow the Call of the Wild and pursue their enemies from a safe distance. Whether with fine bows or exotic firearms – the Waidmann is a deadly opponent. But the hunter relies not only on his ranged weapons but also on powerful animals that follow his call. These pets attack the hunter's enemies and divert their attention from the shooter. On the following six pages, we'll explain the basics and many more details you need to know about the hunter in Classic WoW. With our tips and tricks you'll do a good job in questing, in instances and in raids. In our guide you will get a rough overview of the most important talents of the style of play and learn which special features you have to pay attention to in the hunter in Classic-WoW.

Why hunters play?
The hunter is not without reason the most popular classes since the beginning of World of Warcraft (buy now for 39,99 €), The Chainbearer is a versatile ranged fighter who can take on many special tasks with the right companion. In dungeons and raids the Waidmann is in no way inferior to other ranged fighters such as magicians and sorcerers and even in PvP the hunter does not need to hide. The most important point that speaks for the hunter, however, is the relatively simple style of play and the well-arranged magic book, which make it easier for beginners in particular to get started in Classic-WoW.

Strengths and weaknesses
With the companion who distracts most enemies from his master, the hunters progress very fast in quests. Who cleverly traps his opponents, works on them with CC skills and gives the right orders to his companion will have no difficulties in the free game world and in instances. You can also solve every half-minute with dead spots from the fight and spares you a lot of repair costs.

Some of the hunter's strengths are partly his weaknesses at the same time. Your pet requires great attention both in battle and outside. Your pet must be regularly healed and fed, which costs you on the whole a lot of time and, above all, precious pockets. Speaking of inventory: In Classic-WoW you not only need space for animal feed, but also for ammunition. As soon as you run out of arrows, close combat is announced. By the way, the minimum reach beats in the same contra-notch. You must keep enough distance from your opponent to continue firing. Because as a duelist makes the Waidmann not a good impression!

The best peoples
In Classic WoW, a total of five peoples can take the path of the hunter. We tell you which peoples are especially strong as hunters.

Horde: Trolls are the undisputed favorites in the PvE game with their folk ability Berserker and Bow Specialization (increases the skill of the bow by a whopping five points!). Orc and Tauren hunters, on the other hand, are particularly strong in PvP mode.

Alliance: Both the dwarves and night elves have their strengths in different play areas. Dwarven hunters have a five-point bonus on firearms skills and strong defenses thanks to the folk ability of stone figures, while night elves with shadow imprints in PvP have a clear advantage in the free world.

The best professions
The range of occupations is classic wow big! We recommend the combination of leatherworking and engineering. Both professions provide you with useful items such as the devilsaur set and the Goblin Pioneer Charge, as well as some helmets and jewelry.

Values ​​priority

Attention, important info about hit rating!
Hit rating exists in WoW Classic, for example, as part of Talents, but is not displayed in your Character-Doll. You may need to get help from an addon.
The hunter sets the equipment sequentially to the following values.

agility: This is your primary value! Agility increases both your distance and melee attack power.
Endurance: Increases your maximum health.
Intelligence: Increases your maximum mana.
Strength: Increases your melee damage.
Willpower: Thanks to Willpower, you regenerate faster life and mana outside combat.

On to the first raid! You should focus on this value priority Level 60 respect, think highly of:

  • Approximately nine percent chance to hit
  • agility
  • endurance
  • intelligence
  • willpower
  • Strength

Ammunition, Aspects and Tracking
In addition to caring for his companions, the Classic Hunter must master more challenges in both PvE and PvP. These include choosing the right ammunition and using different aspects.

In Classic WoW, all ranged weapons have a minimum range and consume ammo. You should always have enough ammunition so you do not have to constantly pull out your melee weapon. Even though the hunter in melee combat is not completely helpless, his attacks like Raptor Strike and Mung Bite are far from being as effective as his shots. The ammunition comes in different qualities and efficiencies, from the simple Rough Arrow to the powerful Thorium Arrow. A stack of arrows consists of 200 pieces and occupies a pocket space. Therefore, you should look for special quivers, such as those made of harp skin. Although this quiver replaces a regular pocket (you can only keep arrows in it!), The item increases your ranged attack speed.

Hunters have some tricks in store, but one of their biggest strengths is the aspects. The choice is great, after all, there is a helper for each situation that either supports you or your groups.

  • Aspect of the monkey increases your chance to dodge.
  • Aspect of the cheetah increases your movement speed. Handy for quests and in the free world. In combat, however, this aspect should be treated with caution. Because with each enemy hit you will be dazed!
  • Aspect of the pack increases the movement speed of all group members nearby. Here is the same rule as the aspect of the cheetah. If a hero is hit while the aspect is active, the whole group is dazed.
  • Aspect of the Hawk increases your ranged attack power.
  • Aspect of the Beast makes you untraceable for other players.
  • Aspect of the wild increases your and the natural resistance of all group members in the vicinity.

Read tracks

The symbol for the Read tracks you can find right at the edge of your minimap. The species you are looking for is highlighted in color on the minimap.Another helpful feature of the hunter is tracking. Using spells like wild animals or humanoids, you can search for specific enemies or even allies. This is especially useful in PvP, as you can spot hidden enemies (keyword invisible flag bearers in the Warsong Gulch) at any time directly on the minimap. Therefore, it is important that you know in advance what you want to look for in PvE or PvP.

Enchantments, potions, buff food
In Classic WoW, there are numerous ways to enhance your hunter's equipment with enchantments and to strengthen you with vials, elixirs and buff food. We introduce you to the most important improvements and consumables.

Pre-Raid Trinkets
Before you start the first raid, you should get the following pieces of jewelry.

Hand of justice
General wrath smith in Blackrock depths is definitely worth a visit! The jewelery cuts even better in terms of damage than many a booty piece from the raids. The melee hit bonus is less interesting to you as a ranged fighter, but the 20 point attack power is.

Rune of the Watch Commander
For Horde players, this gem is a great addition to the Hand of Justice and an alternative to subsequent jewelery.

Blackhand's width
This gem increases your critical strike chance by two percent. A solid choice for the Raidstart.
Head and leg position: Low Arcanum of Greed (+ 8 Agility)
Shoulder: Chromatic Mantle of the Dawn (+4 Resistance to All Kinds)
Cape: Low mobility
(+3 agility)
Chest: Big values ​​(+4 all values)
Bracers: Weak mobility
(+1 Agility) or Superior Stamina (+9 Stamina)
gloves: Great flexibility
(+7 agility)
Boots: Great Agility (+7 Agility)
Melee Weapon: Two-Handed Weapons – Agility (+25 Agility)
Ranged Weapon: Sniper riflescope (+7 damage) or Biznicks 247×128 accurate riflescope (increases hit chance by three percent)

Vial of Titans (+1,200 lives)
Chromatic resistance vial (+25 resistance to all types of magic)

Elixir of the Mongoose (+25 Agility and 2% Critical Chance)

Grilled Squid (+10 Agility)

Winterfire Firewater (+35 Melee Attack Power)

Other consumables
Power of Juju (+40 Attack Power)
Power of Juju (+30 strength)
Ground scorpok ingredient sample
(+25 Agility)

WoW Classic: Beast Mastery, the classic

Beast Mastery was already the most popular style of hunting in Vanilla. In Classic WoW, Beast Mastery is a versatile specialization that cuts a fine figure in quests, farms, instances, and Open PvP. Also, this style of play is not as dependent on the equipment as the Hunter Hybrid, which focuses solely on group play and raids. As the name implies, Beast Mastery is all about your animal companion. This ensures that most of your damage and can take over special tasks such as temporary refueling or control enemy enemy easily. For this reason, you should always make sure that you have the right companion for each task.

Beast Master Tree offers you many options to try out different ways of playing. With these talents you are well prepared for every situation and every game mode! & Nbsp;

Beast Master Tree offers you many options to try out different ways of playing. With these talents you are well prepared for every situation and every game mode!

Source: buffed

The talents

The benefits of this talent distribution are obvious. Because in contrast to the other two hunter-style games, the animal ruler specialization is flexible and clear. That's why the talents and abilities of your companion take center stage. That's why it's important that you take that into account when choosing your talent. The frenzy talent is a good example, because it increases the attack speed of your companion. If you are traveling with an animal that already has a high attack speed (like Broken Tooth), then you do not need a full five points on Fury. Four points are enough. On the other hand, if you have a slow companion (a bear or a turtle is a good example), then we recommend that you invest the full five points in Fury. Ghosts are currently different in the Improved Animal Hearing talent. By and large, you do not need to choose this talent. Consumes a point for Improved Animal Healing only if you have trouble keeping your companion alive or your pet companion needs to take on a special task.

Helpful add-ons for hunters
Weapon Swing Timer is an absolute must-have for all hunters in Classic WoW. It will show you the time until the next automatic shot, making it easier for you to use magic and cooldown management.
Last but not least, talent selection has another important point where you have to make a decision. In the Marksmanship Tree you can choose between Enhanced Shattering Shot or Efficiency. If you prefer being in the free world, dungeons and raids, then efficiency is your favorite because it increases your mana regeneration. For PvP, however, we recommend you to choose Improved Shocking Shot.

Rotation during the level phase

  • Mark of the hunter (on the main target)
  • Automatic shot (as often as possible)
  • Arcane Shot (as often as possible)
  • Multiple shot (as gap filler)
  • Wrath of the Wild (on Cooldown)

The battle rage of the lord of the beast is quite simple, after all, your pet will do the most damage. Take advantage of this and play the special abilities of your animal companions (more on that on the last page of this guide). Apart from your companion, the automatic shot is another big part of your damage. Always make sure to upgrade your firearm and do not forget to equip yourself with ammunition before you go out. In combat you prefer the aspect of the hawk, in motion-intensive fights you can dodge the aspect of the cheetah. Keep in mind, however, that any enemy hit makes you dazed for a few seconds in this aspect. Use aspect of the cheetah with caution. Arcane Shot costs you a lot of mana, but you should use this spell as often as possible. Multi-shot, although it is an AoE skill, also plays an important role in the single target rotation as a gap filler.

The melee

Most important cooldowns of the animal lord
Wild anger: It's a very powerful damage cooldown that turns your companion into a berserker and increases its damage tremendously for 18 seconds. Combine this spell with other buff effects such as Rapture. Remember, your companion is immune to CC spells while the wild animal's anger is active.

rapid fire: Increases the ranged attack speed by 40 percent for 15 seconds. Although you can only use this cooldown every five minutes, ignited at the right moment (keyword strengthening effects!), Fast-fire makes for a real fireworks fireworks. In some cases, you will not be able to avoid melee combat. If an enemy comes dangerously close to you, you can slow it down with trimming. This gives you enough time to retreat from melee or trap yourself. If all else fails, protect yourself with dead spots! In dungeons and raids you can also use the melee skillfully to use your cooldowns. Position yourself on the boss so that you only have to take a few steps to attack your opponent with Raptor Strike. In battles with many add-ons, you can even supplement your repertoire with mung bite.

WoW Classic: The Hybrid, the best of all talent trees

On this page, we'll explain a hunter's style of play aimed at advanced and raid players. The so-called "hybrid" ensures high damage figures, provides an aura of full hit an important group buff and strengthens your defensive by increased stamina and protection cool-downs like deterrence. With the following talent distribution you can definitely see everywhere!

Once you have reached 9% chance to hit, swap your Safe Stand with Improved Aspect of the Hawk (5/5) or Improved Hunter's Mark (5/5).

Once you have reached 9% chance to hit, swap your Safe Stand with Improved Aspect of the Hawk (5/5) or Improved Hunter's Mark (5/5).

Source: buffed

The talent distribution

This talent distribution is a great alternative to Beast Mastery Specialization and is great for the Raid Start. Especially at the beginning it will be difficult for you to reach the required nine percent chance to hit. That's why we recommend that you choose the Safe Standup skill until you have better equipment. The highlight of this talent distribution is the aura of the full hit. This buff, which increases the attack power of your allies, benefits primarily warriors and rogues. As a companion we recommend a wolf. With his howl of rage you can additionally support your group in combat.

A good defense is also provided with this talent distribution. With deterrence you protect yourself from particularly stubborn opponents in instances and the free world. In some boss fights, you will not be able to avoid having a few melee attacks. Deterrence improves your defensive enormously!

If you still have problems surviving or you prefer an active style of play, then you can do without defense (strongly dependent on chance) and spend the two talent points depending on your preference for Improved pruning or catching.

I reached the nine percent chance to hit, what now?

Pre-Raid weapons
For the first raid trips in Classic we recommend this weapon combination.

You get this solid pole weapon in Stratholme of Magistrate Barthilas. It gives you a rich bonus on attack power.

Black crow
The crossbow is currently the best disklant weapon for the raid launch next to Dwarven Cannon. Unlike the Cannon (Random Booty), you can target this firearm at Shadowhunter Vosh'gajin in Lower Blackrock Spire. Once you have better equipped yourself and achieved the nine percent chance to hit, find the next best Hunter Teacher and reset your talents. You do not need the Safe Stand Movement bonus anymore, instead you set the three points in Improved Aspect of the Hawk to complete the talent. With the three free points, you can complement the Improved Aspect of the Hawk, but also Improved Hunter's Mark. Talk to other hunters in your raid group. It is important that at least one hunter in the group has an Improved Mark of the Hunter, so that all other hunters benefit from the strengthening.

In Classic WoW, there is no rigid battle rotation, after all, you have to do many different extra tasks in the group game and support your team with hunter auras and CC skills. Basically you follow the priorities in combat, depending on the number of opponents.

Specific objectives

  • Mark of the Hunter (on main target)
  • Automatic shot
  • Targeted shot
  • Automatic shot
  • Multiple shot (only as gap filler)

It plays a big role in Classic-WoW if you fight with a fast or slow firearm. For example, with a faster weapon, you can often use Aimed Shot (this spell will slip into second place in the priority list!). On the slow Wumme, however, you put more on automatic shot. That's why it's important that you get a high-quality firearm as soon as possible. Also, do not forget to upgrade your good weapons with Biznick's 247×128 accurate riflescope!

Multiple goals

  • Mark of the hunter (on the main target)
  • Automatic shot (as often as possible)
  • Multiple shots (as often as possible)
  • Automatic shot (as often as possible)
  • Salve (on cooldown)

Overall, the Hunter's area damage leaves something to be desired in short bouts, as Volley has a long cooldown of one minute. If you need burst damage in fights with many opponents, then you should immediately attack with multiple shots after the salvo. The ten second cooldown of multiple shots fills you with automatic shots and then attacks again with multiple shots – until salvo is ready again.

WoW Classic: Survival in PvP

The hunter is a skilled fighter who sends his enemies in rows across the virtual Jordan. His hail of arrows is as dreadful on the battlefields of Azeroth as his skill in kiting. The Waidman has a vast arsenal of aspects and CC spells that help him outmaneuver his opponents before they even get close to him. In PvP, he uses his traps and other tricks while his companion makes life difficult for the opponent. Here's a quick rundown of what you need to know about PvP to master the battlefield game.

Talents like Hawk's Eye increase the range of your ranged attack, and deterrence provides a solid defense that protects you from nasty warriors and villains.

Talents like Hawk's Eye increase the range of your ranged attack, and deterrence provides a solid defense that protects you from nasty warriors and villains.

Source: buffed

The talent choice for PvP
The talent Lightning Reflexes is at the center of this talent distribution. To take full advantage of this style of play, you need to be fully agile in your equipment and strengths. Because the bonus of Lightning Reflexes affects your primary value more and more, the more agility you collect. Most of the Survival Tree talents deal solid damage and grant you powerful CC abilities. Deterrence and counterattack boost your defensive melee combat while giving survivalists a bigger lifebar.

Improve your range and increase the damage of your shots in the Marksmanship Tree. Aimed shot is one of the highlights of this talent selection. The shot ensures especially in short fights for enormously high burst damage. Scattering makes kiting easier for you. But be careful, your pet often involuntarily makes sure that the CC effect does not last four seconds. For this we recommend the following macro:

#showtooltip Scattering Shot
/ petpassiv
/ cast scattered shot

Last but not least, with Improved Shattering Shot of your Base Ability, Concussive Shot misses the chance that the spell stuns the target.


  • Mark of the Hunter (on main target)
  • Automatic shot (as gap filler)
  • Targeted shot (as often as possible)
  • Automatic shot (as gap filler)
  • Multiple shot (with multiple targets)

Value priority for PvP
• Five percent chance to hit
• mobility
• endurance
• intelligence
• Willpower
• Strength
In PvP mode you have to react with lightning speed, so there is no fixed rotation during dynamic battles. In the fight against other players, you have to adapt to the respective events and, in the first place, master your defensive cooldowns perfectly.

Deadspots is not a defensive cooldown per se, yet this spell is a real trump card in PvP if your opponent puts a lot of pressure on you. With dead spots you can withdraw from the fight for a few seconds and the opponent must again target you. During this time, remove yourself from close combat or place an ice cold trap. Since you are not involved in the fight, you can also quickly connect or even exchange pieces of equipment such as jewelry.

Deterrence is an active defensive spell with a short cooldown. If there is no way out of melee combat for you, then it is high time to protect you with deterrence. This cooldown works well in combination with Aspect of the Monkey.

The best companions for PvP
In PvP you choose other companions than in PvE. Of course, there are also hybrids that fit better with your style of play, such as the mountain lion Broken tooth, This cat has a high attack speed and sets in PvP especially magic classes and fabric wearers. Although Broken Tooth does not have these benefits in PvE, this cat is the perfect choice for hunters who want to try both game modes. The only downside is that this mountain lion as a rarity is currently heavily overfarmed because any Waidmann Azeroths would like to have this cat as a companion. If Fortuna is not keen on hunting for a broken tooth, you can rely on the following companion:

Boar: This fellow shines above all with its unique assault ability. The boar storms the enemy target, stuns it for a second, inflicting additional damage on its next attack. This companion gives you another CC spell, which makes kiting a lot easier. Incidentally, assault works very well with intimidation, so you keep yourself above all annoying melee from the neck.

Play your trumps!
Do not forget that as a hunter in PvP you enjoy many advantages that other classes do not have. This includes eagle eye (grant you wide all-round view) and track reading. With track-reading, you can spot enemy players shrouding themselves in the shadows (rogues, druids, night elves). Detecting humanoids is particularly helpful, for example to find hidden flag bearers in the Warsong Gulch. Therefore, in player-versus-player mode, you can regularly track down hidden things and track down humanoids.

WoW Classic: A strong companion for every fight

Table of Contents

The fauna of Azeroth is full of potential hunter-companions. There are many different species of animals, some differ only in appearance, others have different abilities, which are particularly helpful depending on the situation. Bears and turtles have a larger life bar and are ideal for tough elite opponents, as they can easily take heavy punches. Wolves and cats are the undisputed kings of Classic-WoW. Both species are therefore the perfect choice when it comes to offensive battles. Last but not least, you will also find good all-rounders like the hyenas, who can do both but are not specialists. We therefore recommend that you have at least one companion of each species in the stable.

In this great special learn everything worth knowing about the hunter and his companions!

A Night Elf Hunter travels through the woods with Pet Broken Teeth in WoW Classic. "Src ="

WoW Classic: Our great guide to the hunter and his pets

UpdatedfromBrückle Matthias Who wants to play a hunter in WoW Classic, but has no idea of ​​its Menagerie, we help with a crash course on the jumps!

Best companion for dungeons and raids

The best wolves with the strongest version of Rage howling can be found in the Dungeon The Lower Blackrock Spire. Perfect for the raid!

Broken tooth
This cat roams the wastelands. The mountain lion is very popular with both PvE and PvP hunters because it currently has the fastest attack speed in the game. As an alternative for a wolf, he is definitely good.How do I find my companion?
Your first companion can be tamed at 10 with wild animals as a companion. The taming of an animal is not that easy in Classic. Detecting wildlife facilitates the hunt for a new companion immensely. This ability saves you a lot of time and long travels, because you can already select the marked animals on the minimap and you can move on the direct route to the respective place. So before you start taming, make sure the animal is at least on par with your hero. At level 24 you will learn wildlife science, with this ability you will get all the information about the selected animal. The tooltip shows damage, health, armor, as well as all special resistances and nutrition. Practical, if you can not decide between several copies.

Tame wild animals made easy
If you have chosen a companion, then you can start taming it with wild animals. Keep in mind that while channeling the spell, you are completely defenseless because you lose 100 percent of your armor. For this reason, it is especially important that you make some arrangements before you press the button. The Magic Book offers you a broad arsenal of helpful abilities. Protect yourself with Aspect of the Monkey. Then lure the animal with an automatic shot and put it out with a shattering shot. Then place the ice cold trap directly in front of your position and wait until the animal is stuck in an ice block. Immediately start taming with wildlife so as not to waste time. In the free world and in dungeons, you will find particularly dangerous elite beasts. You should not overpower them, but ask for help from a Druid or Mage player. Both classes can help you tame and tame the beast with transformation or hibernation. This gives you more time to master this challenge.

Also, do not forget to pack enough pet food. Because the loyalty of the animal is at a low point after taming. If you do not have any food, you run the risk that your new companion will leave you after a few minutes. Therefore, ask about wildlife what food the animal prefers before you start taming.

WoW: Video Preview of Blizzard on Patch 8.3 and Classic

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