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In WoW Classic, a magician visited the Maraudon dungeon a total of 1,570 times in order to chase away the epic dagger blade of eternal darkness from Princess Theradras. He invested about 314 hours in this grind. How many hours are you ready to farm your desired item?

In WoW Classic is the grind omnipresent. Be it on the way to maximum level 60, be it because you want to earn an awesome reputation with a faction, because you are on a fancy mount like that Winter spring frost saber want to ride through Azeroth, or because you are keen on a specific World, Dungeon or Raid drop. The latter can be particularly frustrating if the loot algorithm fails to your disadvantage and just now your desired item just doesn't want to drop.

A post by Zamer09 currently shows how much time classic players have to invest in order to reach their goal on Reddit. The magician states that Dungeon Maraudon to have entered the 1,570 times until final boss Princess Theradras finally got the epic dagger Blade of Eternal Darkness dropped. The grind is said to have taken about 314 hours in total, the fastest Theradras kill was 32 seconds and during the dungeon visits the player claims to have taken an estimated 9,000 gold.

By the way, it doesn't always have to be that long before you get the blade from Theradras. In the comments, for example, a player states that he "only" needed 30 runs. A second player claims to have seen three daggers in 450 runs. The grind over 1,570 dungeon visits is very extreme. Funnily enough, many wizards farm this blade in order to be able to farm more efficiently afterwards – thanks to its effect, which triggers very often, the dagger offers extremely high mana regeneration.

How does it look: Would you farm an item for 314 hours just to be able to farm even better afterwards? In which Classic Grind have you invested the most time so far? Let us know in the comments!

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