In a few days the dark moon fair in WoW Classic will open its tents for the first time. The developers at Blizzard now have one so that you can roughly know what to expect on the hype Preview Article on the official World of Warcraft website (buy now) published published.

Heard good people! The first WoW Classic Darkmoon Fair begins building up in Mulgore on Saturday February 8th and barkers head for Ironforge and Orgrimmar to spread the word. The festivities begin on Tuesday, February 11, and are available to visitors for a week before the tents are dismantled and the fair disappears until the next month.

Visitors can find the fair alternately every month in Elwynn Forest or Mulgore. The site serves as a neutral zone for both factions. There are no guards to prevent you from entering the portal, but on PvP realms you should still exercise caution when traveling through enemy territory.


  • 11th-17th February, Mulgore
  • 10th-16th March, Elwynn Forest

There are also plenty of traders waiting for visitors who offer food, drinks and rare exotic goods.

Darkmoon Faire prizes and prizes

When you complete games and quests at the Darkmoon Fair, you will usually receive Darkmoon Prize tickets as a reward. You can also earn lots by winning Chronos. Kerri Hicks. Rinling or Yebb Neblegear offers your handicrafts.

Speak to Gelva's Grimegateto exchange your Darkmoon Prize tickets for various prizes, including a few epic pieces of equipment. You can also exchange your Darkmoon Prize tickets for reputation.

Darkmoon Card

Darkmoon cards can now be found anywhere in Azeroth. As soon as you have a deck together, you can exchange it for an epic piece of jewelry with Professor Thaddeus Paleo.

A look into the future

Life is full of mysteries and wonders, and every adventurer has a different story. Visit the fortune teller Sayge, known throughout Azeroth, to get an insight into your future. After answering two of his questions, you will get a powerful buff based on your answers.

Daily mini games

  • The human cannonball: The fair cannon shoots visitors to the fair at a target in the water near the promenade in the south of the site.
  • Armored Combat Simulator: Put your tank commander skills to the test and use your darkmoon tank to destroy tank targets.

If you are looking for more information about the Darkmoon Fair in Classic, have a look at our guide:

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