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The group around tank "Berit" did it again: Onyxia was defeated naked. This time, however, with a slightly changed group constellation and completely without world buffs.

The fifth WoW Classic phase is about to be released. To bridge the waiting time, numerous WoW Classic players are looking for exciting challenges elsewhere.

For this reason, we have been able to report some new records in the past few weeks. For example, Nefarian was killed in just 19 minutes. But Onyxia, the broodmother of the Black Dragonflight, is also a popular destination among classic players who want to break records.

The dragon lady was not only fueled by shadow priests or killed by a 33-druid strong raid, but also killed by a group of 4 players. A few weeks ago there was even a first nude kill in Onyxia's Hort – the group, which largely consisted of players from the US guild "Praxis", refrained from using any equipment. Now the group around player Berit was able to top their record again – and without world buffs.

Naked raid again victorious against Onyxia

As one player in the group recently reported on Reddit, the group was once again able to defeat Onyxia with its minimalist equipment strategy. The group consisted of 38 players, of which only four players had thrown in a bottle. In any case, Berit, the main tank, needed one to survive the breath.

The character composition also changed marginally compared to the first nude kill: This time there were more magicians and an additional balance druid on board. You can watch the almost 9-minute kill in the following video – also a look at the Logs it's worth it.

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