The third phase of WoW Classic has started and brings a new raid into play, namely the Blackwing Lair. Blizzard has one to match official preview of this multiplayer content released, so that you know in advance exactly what awaits you in the construction of the black kites. The preview contains specific information about the composition of the raid, explains how to get to the entrance and presents the bosses and the raid loot in more detail.

If you want to know how to best prepare for the raid in addition to the official Blizzard preview, which we list below, we recommend ours Guide to preparing for the Blackwing Lair, In addition, colleague Karsten explains in his column why this classic raid is one of the real highlights of old WoW days and you shouldn't miss it.

WoW Classic: Explore the depths of the Blackwing Lair

In the dark hollows of the Blackrock mountaintop, Nefarian, the eldest son of Deathwing, performs some of his most gruesome experiments, controlling powerful beings like puppets and crossing the eggs of various flocks of dragons with horrific results. If he is successful, there are even more terrible events on the horizon.

The mysterious depths of the Blackwing Lair hold innumerable dangers that only the bravest heroes are up to. Gather your most loyal allies and make all the necessary preparations to start your dangerous journey into the heart of the mountain and to hide the hidden treasures.

  • Raid bosses: 8
  • Level: 60
  • Location: Burning steppe
  • How to get to the raid: The Blackwing Lair is at the highest point of the Blackrockspitze. You can reach the Blackrock from either the Burning Steppes or the Searing Gorge.

Nothing works without a vote

You can't just walk into the Blackwing Lair. First you have to go on the raid vote,
Go to the Blackrockspitze and then take the passage on your right. Here you have to fight your way past the Butterflies Legion to the Quartermaster of the Butterflies Shields. If you defeat him, you will get Blackhand's order. Right click to start the quest "Blackhand's command ",

The quest leads you to Upper black rock topwhere you can find the command ball behind General Drakkisath's throne. You can either distract him with your group or kill him in the good old fashioned way. If your warchief Rend blackhand you have conquered, you can also enter the Upper Backrockspitze via the alternative entrance. You must be a raid group to enter this instance.

Face the black flock of dragons

8 bosses await you in the Blackwing Lair. Each of them offers you special challenges, for which you have to develop your own strategies. To be successful, you need to coordinate well with your raid group.

  • Razorgore the Untamed: Razorgore's job is to protect and hatch the black dragon eggs that are hidden in the Blackwing Lair.
  • Vaelastrasz the Corrupt: After Vaelastrasz challenged Nefarian to battle and lost to him, he was corrupted and forced to protect Nefarian from his enemies.
  • Brood guard thresher: Threshing Bringer is a drakonid of the black dragonflight. Draconids are not real dragons, but are often used by the swarms of kites in the front line of combat.
  • Firemaw. Ebonroc and Maelforge: Each of these impressive dragons belongs to the black dragonflight and is under Nefarian's command. But their unconditional loyalty applies only to Deathwing.
  • Chromaggus: This unique, chromatic creature was created by Nefarian. Chromaggus can use the power of various swarms of dragons to fight his enemies.
  • Nefarian: The ruler of the Blackrock tip is a member of the black flock of dragons. He is the oldest son of Deathwing and the creator of the chromatic flock.

Clothes make prey

Players can chase their T2 sets and related bonuses at the Blackwing Lair, including bracers, belts, boots, gloves, chest and shoulder pieces.

The helmets of the T2 set are available from Onyxia in Onyxia's Hoard, leg guards can be obtained from Ragnaros in the Molten Core. May the DKP be with you.

Other items

You can also get some more items like the one Black Dragon Claw, the Chromatically hardened sword and the Drachenodemhandkanone, You can also use pitch swing technicians Elementium receive. From this you can Elementium produce. You in turn need it for part of the questline, in the course of which you Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker forges (yes, we said it).

As with his sister Onyxia, you can Head of Nefarian received when you defeat him. This will start a quest to let everyone know about your exploits.

You can find more information about this epic raid in English Wowhead Guide to the Blackwing Lair. You can talk to other players about it in the forums.

WoW Classic: Attack on the Blackwing Lair – Trailer

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The mysterious depths of the Blackwing Lair hold innumerable dangers that only the bravest heroes are up to. With the start of phase 3 in WoW Classic, gather your most loyal allies and make all the necessary preparations to start your dangerous journey into the heart of the mountain and to hide the treasures hidden therein. The trailer for the business administration release prepares you for the upcoming challenges. WoW Classic: Phase 3 has started - all informationTOPPC

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