On many WoW Classic PvP servers, there are players who position themselves with their characters in strategically favorable locations in order to specifically cleanse the World Buffs from supporters of the enemy faction.

A few days ago it hit the familiar one WoW streamer Arlaeus, who was just on the road in Zul'Gurub with an account (Arlaeus is known for his impressive magician farm pulls and gold tips), while on his second access with the tank he sacked the Liedblume for the evening visit to the Blackwing Hoard and then ported to the Blackrock.

While the loading screen was still visible, Arlaeus cleaned two of the World Buffs. His conclusion: someone had followed his stream and used a target macro to specifically take away the powerful strengthening effects from his tank. At that time, a blizzard game master, Lordviho, was apparently watching the stream, and this confirmed to Arlaeus that such an action was definitely considered Griefing to be seen.

In the Twitch chat, this statement was subsequently discussed as heatedly as Arlaeus' request to ban this player. In fact, the "debuffer" came along at some point. The latter claimed that he hadn't specifically targeted the streamer. He had simply targeted the portal with his mouseover macro, but at the time he did not know who the "happy" recipient of his dispell would be.

Spell, spell lifting, spell

The player later confirmed on Redditthat his four accounts for this promotion were actually banned for six months. After only 14 hours, these punishments from Blizzard are said to have been lifted again. As an excuse for the inconvenience, there was even a free month of play and a mount from the in-game shop. Remarkable: Later the player released another update that he was now banned for seven days because he had added a "blame arlaeus" text to his mouseover dispell macro. Arlaeus, however, got so much headwind from his community after his ban request that he later published an extensive apology:

At the same time, Community Manager Kaivax joined the official forum, where the story was also an issue, and confirmed that there was a spell penalty that has now been withdrawn. An internal investigation would take care of this whole thing. So the last word has not yet been spoken.

How do you see it: does the constant cleaning of World Buffs in WoW (buy now for 14.54 €) Classic under griefing and should it be punished accordingly or is that just a part of PvP servers?

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