WoW Classic players are annoyed by other players in Alterac Valley

"Everything used to be better." – Was it really that? Hardly a week goes by in the WoW Classic subreddit in which the game is sentenced to digital death. But what exactly do the players want now?

The stumbling block for a more far-reaching complaint about WoW Classic was snow-covered this time, because it is about the Alterac Valley. Some PvP players are annoyed from the race to the final boss or players who are standing somewhere in the corner and jump from time to time, as often losing quickly brings more honor than the lengthy battle to victory.

The problem for many players is that other glory farms in Alterac Valley without actually playing PvP. In a reddit thread this grievance is hotly debated and of course the death of the game is predicted.

Why do players farm honor?

The reason for this is a decided difference between Classic and Vanilla. WoW Classic runs with a modified version of Patch 1.12 in which the "easily farmable" Alterac Valley already exists, but unlike the Vanilla version of WoW, the raids BWL, Ahn’Quiraj and Naxxramas are not yet open. This means that by advancing in PvP rank, there is access to some "best in slot" items, the best equipment currently available for a player. By the time of 1:12 in Vanilla, the items weren't that powerful.

Players who want a perfectly equipped character therefore need a lot of honor and therefore they optimize the way to get honor.

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"Not a real PvP"

In the Reddit thread, however, many users remind frustrated players that there is also the Warsong Gorgein which "real PvP" is possible. Many also remember that in Vanilla it was also common for Horde and Allianz to wave briefly on the frozen lake and then start the race towards the final boss.

The other side is also forgotten: Where would the incentive be to play PvP (other than the fun of PvP per se) if there were no rewards to take the character further? There is also much to be read of disappointment that PvP is not like what it was in the memories of that time. At this point the question may be asked whether perhaps the nostalgic dirt was simply wiped off the glasses and the dreamy eyes see something that does not meet your own expectations?

As with any good rant, a proposed solution does not of course end with the dramatic text. After all, there must be that the developers would like to come up with something else, otherwise the game would be dead.

But how justified is it to accuse players of wanting to get the best out of their character and of exploiting the game here? Answer us to this question, please share your opinion on the topic in the comments.