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On some WoW Classic servers, it has recently been common for players to specifically prevent the World Buff battle call of the dragon slayer by tormenting the associated NPCs with control effects such as head beating. Now Blizzard developers have announced a hotfix.

Even if not everyone likes them, they are an important part of the PvE endgame in WoW Classic: the numerous world buffswith which characters can strengthen themselves enormously for an hour or two. One of the most popular strengthening effects is certainly the Dragon Slayer's Battle Crywhich is available after the heads of Onyxia or Nefarian have been given.

This world buff is so popular that raid groups can even introduce fighters from the enemy faction into their capital if the "head levies" are unfavorable, in order to use mind control to make the associated NPCs a vulnerable target, to knock them down and so on reset the cooldown for head levy.

On some servers, those NPCs were tortured in a different way. in the official US forum For example, one player reported that as soon as the head levy event started, Runthak would repeatedly join Alliance villains Head nut was stopped. Stupid: The head drop event stops, there is no world buff.

A few hours ago Quality Assurance Lead Aggrend involved in the discussion and confirms that there will be a hotfix for this soon, which will ensure that the event will be ended in the future with the World Buff even if the respective NPC has been briefly checked. The only way to prevent the World Buff levy is to blow away.

Aggrend explains that even then in Vanilla-WoW it was not possible to stop the event through control effects. That this is happening is due to changes that Blizzard had made in the background for Classic to improve server performance during the event.

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