WoW Classic: Q. Pido continues to distribute HP buff

from Karsten Scholz
Some WoW Classic players had found that Q. Pido was still on some servers long after the "Love is in the Air" event ended, accompanying the popularity contest winner and distributing his health buff. Blizzard has now commented on this in an extensive post.

Your WoW Classic server may also be affected: Some players had reported (about here) that Q. Pido is still on her realm long after the end of the "Love is in the Air" events, accompanied the winning faction leader of the popularity contest and gave everyone a health buff (+ 200 health for an hour) that gave the flying goblin a kiss.

A few hours ago, Community Manager Kaivax in the official forum with a surprisingly extensive post on this phenomenon. Here are the key findings:

  • First, an investigation showed that this behavior could also be mapped by Q. Pido on the reference server, which is the basis for WoW (buy now for 14.99 €) Classic acts. According to this data, Q. Pido was originally designed in such a way that it accompanies the winner of the competition all year round until the next love event starts.
  • At the same time, discussions in the team (including with the designer of the original event) and research on the Internet revealed that Q. Pido should actually disappear one week after the event had ended (and should have done so on many vanilla servers at the time) .
  • Another investigation showed that this restriction actually existed. However, this was removed by a bug from 2006 on some realms. Q. Pido is said to have been removed manually from game masters on some affected servers.
  • The developers have therefore decided to apply the corresponding hotfixes with Classic Patch 1.13.5 in order to remove the Q. Pido bug.
  • At the upcoming "Love is in the Air" event, Q. Pido will accompany the winning faction leader of the popularity contest until the next ID change after the event has ended and then disappear.

It's a shame that Blizzard doesn't take a detailed position on other construction sites, or what do you think?

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