WoW Classic: Realms and Layering

Update from 12th November:

Just in time for the start of Phase 2 of WoW Classic on November 14, 2019 (PvP Honor System and World Bosses), all European realms now only have one layer. It can therefore queue up on some full servers. The developers therefore advise players on Firemaw, Flamegor, Gehennas, Golemagg, Lucifron, Mograine, Sulfuron and Venoxis to use the free character transfer to avoid long queues. The current transfer list can be found here in the official forum,

Update from October 3:
As Blizzard announces in the German WoW Classic forum, the first European servers reach a layer, which means that each player of the server is now in the same game world. The goal is to reach one layer on each server before starting the second phase of WoW Classic: Below the Bluepost to:

"In the five weeks since we released WoW Classic, we've been monitoring the realm population and deploying layering when needed to manage the real people population, as previously announced: before we introduce world bosses, we'll put all realms on a single layer In the main, the characters of the players have reached higher levels and have spread throughout the game world, which has allowed us to accommodate more players per layer, which means that each realm has less Layer needed The last time a server in this region had more than three layers was the first week of September, and soon after, just about all realms reached two layers.

In the meantime, the realm "Heartstriker" had reached its final state with a single layer, and we fixed that with a change earlier this week by permanently setting it to a layer.

Notice another change we will make in the coming days: Soon, realms that run with more than one layer will show up on the realm selection screen. In addition to these realms, the realm list will show "Layered". After that you will only see the display for full / high / medium / low for realms that are permanently set to a layer.

We plan to switch more realms to a single layer over time and will continue to offer free character transfers to balance real-world populations and shorten login queues. In order to avoid queuing in the future, we urge you to take advantage of this offer as soon as possible. Thank you very much!"

Update from September 20:
As Blizzard announces in the German WoW Classic-Forum, players of the four German PvP-Realms Lucifron, Patchwerk, Venoxis and Dragon's Call can transfer to Heartstriker free of charge starting at 1:00 CEST on Friday, September 20, 2019. More information is available in this forum post,

Update from September 19th:
Spaniards and Spain Aficionados, the time has come: This Friday, September 20, 2019, the new Spanish PvP Realm Mandokir will be live from 1:00 CEST onwards, as Blizzard says in the WoW Classic forum, It will be found under the new "Spanish" tab of the European realm lists. Players all PvP servers of the EU region may transfer free of charge to the new Realm. The new realm will be banned from creating new characters for the first 24 hours it's open. This measure is designed to ensure that transferring players can retain the name of their character.

Update from September 13:
Like Blizzard in the Spanish WoW Classic forum announces, a Spanish server will soon be added to the Europe region. This will be of the PvP type and interested parties can transfer there for a limited time. As soon as the server goes online, we post a news update.

2. Update from August 28:
With a hotfix being released today for all WoW Classic realms, the developers will significantly increase the maximum number of players who can log in at the same time. They expect this to reduce the queues for very populated realms, and in some realms, this should eliminate queues at all. One will closely monitor stability and performance during this process.

Update from August 28:
Last night, Blizzard released two more servers for German-speaking countries: Lakeshire (PvE) and Transcendence (PvP). All posts from the official WoW forum to the new servers you can find here, The list of German-speaking WoW Classic servers now reads as follows:

  • Razorfen (PvE): Current utilization "Medium"
  • Everlook (PvE): Current utilization "Medium"
  • Lakeshire (PvE): Current utilization "Low"
  • Patchwork (PvP): Current utilization "Low"
  • Lucifron (PvP): Current utilization "high"
  • Venoxis (PvP): Current utilization "Medium"
  • Dragon's Call (PvP): Current utilization "Low"
  • Transcendence (PvP): Current utilization "Low"

All in all, we now have 35 Classic servers for the European area, as the other languages ​​have also been replenished.

Update from 17:40 clock (also 27 August):
And Blizzard developers are pushing another PvP server: Dragon's Call! We have updated the server overview in the message accordingly.

Original news from 27th of August:
This morning we still reported that the German speaking community in the course of the Classic launch no new server got. However, that the need is quite there that the developers of Blizzard have recognized. in the official WoW forum recently announced Community Manager Toschayju:

"Due to the extremely high demand we have the following new PvP Realm for WoW (buy now for 17.24 €) Classic set up and activated:

Patchwerk – PvP – German

We recommend players to switch to this realm, since on "full" marked realms it can come to very long queues.

Thank you very much!"

We now have five German-speaking servers to choose from. Here is the overview:

  • Razorfen (PvE): Current utilization "Medium"
  • Everlook (PvE): Current utilization "high"
  • Patchwork (PvP): Current utilization "Medium"
  • Lucifron (PvP): Current utilization "high"
  • Venoxis (PvP): Current utilization "high"
  • Dragon's Call (PvP): Current utilization "Low"

How it looks: Which server will be your home for the WoW Classic Adventure? Do you think there will be enough players for the third PvP server? Tell us in the comments.

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