WoW Classic: Sorcerer's Endgame Quests

In this part of our class quest series for characters of the maximum level in WoW Classic, we'll tell you how to tame a Doomguard with your warlock. You'll also learn how to get the coveted Dread Steed mount that can only be summoned and ridden by warlocks. We hope you enjoy completing the quests. May the power of the demons be with you!

The Doomguard is the last companion you can get for your warlock. You must have reached level 60 for this. This powerful demon is made for high-level instances or for one act or another of violence against your more troublesome and weaker players. As with the other companions, there is a small quest line that you have to complete so that the headstrong demon bends under your control. As soon as you have completed all the required quests, you will learn the spell Ritual of damnationwith which you summon the damnation guard.

With the blood of the satyrs
To begin this quest line, you must travel to the Blasted Lands. The NPC you are supposed to meet there is called Daio the Rickety. He is waiting for you at the northern foothills in the lower part of the area. Look for him a bit north over the Rotting Scar (coordinates: 34/50) – but be careful! This area is sometimes haunted by the demon Lord Kazzak and it is really not good to eat cherries with it!

If you speak to Daio, you will receive the quest "The foundation of the prison"You learn that you have to first create a crystal-line prison to imprison your damnation guard. Daio believes that the blood of satyrs is perfect for this. You can get the 15 vials needed in the Dark Break instance. They live there Wild hoof satyr, the lifeblood of which is perfect for imprisoning demons, so go with a group of five to the Dark Break instance. You can find the satyr you need in the east wing. You can get your quest item in the instance from any satyr who belongs to the tribe of wild hooves.

Winterspring tears
With 15 pieces Satyr blood in your luggage, after your successful hunt, you head back to the devastated lands to tell Daio the rickety about your progress. He thinks the blood is great, but he's still not satisfied. As a knowledgeable demon expert, Daio knows that you also need an anti-magic crystal for your doom guard prison that can serve as a prison shell. This can be generated from the poisons of the demons of Hederine, since the poison of this special demon race crystallizes itself after some time. These crystals are also called Hederine's tears and Daio wants five of these.

So you have another little trip ahead of you so that you can complete the follow-up quest "The prison shell"This time it goes into the icy area Winterspring. In the very south of the zone is the whispering gorge in which the demons of Hederine live. You can find mana stalkers, killers and initiates there. Because the monsters are exclusively elite creatures you should be careful not to plunge headlessly into a pack of Hederine demons, it is possible to single-handedly destroy the creatures, but it is easier if you ask a friend for help.

Get the demon under control
After collecting five tears from Hederine, you travel back to Daio the Rickety in the Blasted Lands. Daio combines your satyr blood with tears to create a shining crystal prison, which you can use for the quest "suppression"Unfortunately, this prison has the same icon as your soul splinters, so be careful in which of your pockets the item is, so that you don't have to panic afterwards in the heat of the moment. So now you are ready for your very own To enslave damnation guard!

Find a Doomguard commander in the area around the Rotting Scar. It is a level 61 elite creature. To suck him into your prepared demon prison, you have to channel your shining crystal prison on him for a few seconds. The best thing to do is fill up your idle walker while you channel the prison spell with the crystal. After a few seconds, the Doomguard Commander will lose interest in your Voidwalker and will instead try to chew on you. Kill your idle converter via sacrifice just before the Doom Guard reaches you, you are protected by the shield long enough to end the sewerage.

If you did everything correctly, you are now in possession of a dungeon guard imprisoned. Now return to Daio one last time and tell him how successful you were. This convinces him that you are ready to learn the real control over your newfound demon. The enthusiastic Daio therefore teaches you the ritual of damnation and also rewards you with the chic shield hand Tome of Sacrifice.

The Dread Steed Mount

As you may know, warlocks are only two classes in WoW (buy now for 33.95 €) Classic get their own class mounts donated (the other lucky one is the paladin). Already at level 40 you could complete the unproblematic mini-questline around the witch mount Teufelsross during your level phase. At level 60 you can now get another mount; We are talking about the iconic horror steed on which you gallop through Azeroth's vastness at 100 percent riding speed.

Bottles of blood
You will receive the starting quest for your horror steed from the trusted demon teacher. However, your teacher does not have the knowledge that you want so urgently, he only gives you Mor'zul Bloodbringer continue in the Burning Steppes. You can find it northwest of the area, to the left of the small lava lake (coordinates: 13/32). Mor'zul likes to share his knowledge with you. The first quest you get from him is called "Boiling blood".

As is so often the case in your life as a warlock, you are required to fill the blood of any creature. In this case, you'll need 30 portions of the blood of raging beasts that Mor'zul will use to write down the summoning glyphs you need for the Dread Steed. You can get the blood from the owl beasts that are native to Winterspring. Blood has a slightly higher drop chance in the owl beasts at levels 56 to 59 than in the weaker creatures at levels 53 to 56. So if you kill the stronger monsters, you should be able to collect them faster. Once you have the blood together, you will return to Mor'zul Bloodbringer. He asks you to give the blood to his alchemist colleague Gorzeeki Wildeyes brings so that he can make ink from the blood. You will find the Goblin Gorzeeki in the same building where you spoke to Mor'zul.

Gorzeeki, an alchemist and greedy cutthroat, is your main quest giver in your hunt for the horror horse.

Gorzeeki, an alchemist and greedy cutthroat, is your main quest giver in your hunt for the horror horse.

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A conversation with a demon lord
Gorzeeki tells you that you will need, among other things, Xorothian stardust for your dark, yet envisioned summoning ritual – and that is difficult to find in Azeroth. Fortunately, the goblin knows where you can get which: from the demon Lord Banehollowhanging around in Jaedenar, the seat of the Shadow Council. To sneak through the shadow festivals as unnoticed as possible, you buy yourself Shadowy potions by Gorzeeki. Theoretically, you only need one copy because the potion lasts for 20 minutes, but it's better to take one or two more with you for safety. Just in case you die of an unforeseen death and lose the effect …

It can pay off if you share the Dread Steed quest line with other warlocks. You can use the items J’eeves Glass, Black Leitstein and Xorothian Glyphs for the final summoning together.
After you have acquired your shadowy potions, you set off into the devil's forest. Take into account that you must have 150 gold coins with you, because that is what Lord Banehollow will take off for the stardust. Jaedenar is located relatively centrally in the elongated area (a bit south of the Blutgift waterfalls). The entrance to the shadow festival is near the corrupted fountain of the moon. Lord Banehollow is of course waiting for you at the end of the mini-dungeon. Thanks to Gorzeeki's Shadowy Potions, you should be protected from unwanted enemy contacts on the way.

The traitor's heart
Of course, Lord Banehollow is not ready to just give out his Xorothian stardust. Instead, he sends you off to do the dirty work for him. Ulathek, one of Banehollow's servants, aroused his master's resentment. Therefore you should put him and bring his heart to Lord Banehollow. You will find Ulathek in the east of the shadow festival in a small side room. Kill him, collect his heart and return to your client. Now he shows himself surprisingly sensible and tells you that another of his servants is ready to sell you the stardust. The servant calls himself Ur'dan and luckily it is very close. Speak to him and acquire the Xorothian stardust for 150 gold pieces.

Bell, candle and wheel

Then you return to Gorzeeki in the Burning Steppes to tell him about your success. Unfortunately, that's still not the end of it, because Gorzeeki gives you even more quests to do for him:

  • The bell from Dethmoora: In order for Gorzeeki to make a Dethmoora bell for you, he needs ten Elixirs of Shadow Power. You can purchase them from skilled alchemists. These require three ghost mushrooms and one crystal vial for each potion. Herbalists best gather ghost mushrooms in the hinterland, in Desolace and in the Alterac Valley. The recipe for the potion is sold by the two alchemy supplies dealers Algernon (lower town) and Maria Lumere (storm wind).
  • The Last Judgment altar candle: This special candle should protect you during your ritual. Of course it doesn't do an 08/15 candle, you need the best of the best. Gorzeeki can make you this candle if you bring him 35 black dragon scales. You get these scales by skinning various black dragons. With luck, they may occasionally be dropped by dragons from this flock. For example, you can visit the Blackwing Lair and defeat the Shadowwing, Flamemouth, or Nefarian. Or you try to get the scales from Gyth, Rend Blackhand's mount, in the Blackrock tip. Anger claws, which also have black scales, live in the same instance. In the Burning Steppes you will also find black dragons with matching scales.
  • The wheel of the Black March: The dangerous energies of the summoning circle are to be controlled with the wheel of the Black March. To construct it, Gorzeeki needs 6 large shiny splinters and 25 pieces of dark iron ore. The Big Shiny Shards get enchants if they disenchant rare blue items that have at least an item level of 57. This corresponds to a required player level of 55; occasionally the splinters can also be obtained from level 50 + items. Mining experts can mine the dark iron ore from dark iron deposits. You can find them in the Burning Steppes, in the Searing Gorge and in the Alterac Valley. You can also get the ore in the Blackrock Depths and Molten Core.
  • Arkanit: As soon as you bring Gorzeeki the ingredients for the bell, the wheel and the candle, he gives you another task. As if that weren't enough, he also needs three arcanite bars. These can be made by alchemists via transmutation. The alchemist sells the necessary alchemy recipe Pestlezugg in Gadgetzan in Tanaris. One thorium bar and one arcane crystal are required as reagents per arcanite bar. Take into account that the transmutation has a two-day cooldown – so a single alchemist cannot immediately make all three bars at once if you bring him the reagents. Thorium ore, which you can mine and mine to produce thorium bars, can be found in many different areas. If you find a rich thorium deposit, with a little luck you can mine an arcane crystal from it.

If you don't feel like laboriously collecting the reagents yourself, you can instead purchase them from another character or buy them at the auction house.

You only pay a very short visit to the instance of Scholomance in the Western Plaguelands as part of your horror steed questline.

You only pay a very short visit to the instance of Scholomance in the Western Plaguelands as part of your horror steed questline.

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Imp in a glass
Simultaneously with the three collecting tasks Gorzeeki gives you the quest "Delivery of items". You can already complete them while you collect the reagents for the other three quests. Gorzeeki tells you that he cannot use the Xorothian stardust, which you have so painstakingly obtained, to dust the summoning parchment for you He lacks the necessary alchemy laboratory equipment, so he sends you to Scholomance, where you will find this dungeon in the western plague countries on the island of Caer Darrow, and Gorzeeki will give you his personal assistant, the imprisoned in a glass, to accompany you J'eevee. The Scholomance Alchemy Laboratory is almost at the end of the instance. You have to work your way up to the sixth boss, the Lich Ras frost rune, until you reach it. It's up to you to clear enemies from the lab before you free J'eevee from his glass prison. In any case, as soon as you release him in the laboratory, he will add stardust to your summoning parchment and you can return to Gorzeeki.

An expensive shopping list

Riding without a teacher
In order to be able to ride your devil steed or terrible steed, you do not have to buy the appropriate riding speed from the riding instructor. The corresponding horses are considered spells and can therefore be used by any warlock with the appropriate level.
Now you are finally ready for the final preparations for your horror steed summoning ritual. Buy J'eevee's Glass, Xorothian Glyphs, and Black Guide Stone from Gorzeeki. For these three items, the goblin takes a total of 250 gold coins from you – so make sure that you have enough cash with you before you return to it for the last time. Also make as many Soul Shards as possible as you will need them during the ritual.

Is that all done? Then travel to Feralas and enter the western Gloom Zone (The Capital Gardens). It's best to take a few friends with you and work together as a team. Since you will be performing your ritual in Immol'thar Prison, you must first deactivate the five pylons in the instance. Kill the monsters that are guards around the magical pylons. You also have to defeat the first boss of the dungeon, Tendris usury bark. When you get to Immol'thar’s prison, you’ll make short work of this boss and mentally prepare yourself to perform your ritual. Now it starts!

The last section of your trip takes you into the gloomy quarry. Here you finally open your summoning portal to Xoroth to receive the Dread Steed.

The last section of your trip takes you into the gloomy quarry. Here you finally open your summoning portal to Xoroth to receive the Dread Steed.

Source: Buffed

The Summoning Ritual – Imp
To start the summoning ritual, activate J'eevees glass in the middle of the circle (roughly where Immol'thar was waiting for you). J'eevee will then place the Black March wheel, the Last Judgment altar candle and the Dethmoora bell for you. Incidentally, these three items will support you in the upcoming battle by absorbing damage, restoring life and damaging enemy creatures. Unfortunately, it can happen that the ritual nodes required for the ritual fail again and again and have to be restarted by you. For this you use your black guiding stone, which uses up one of your previously made soul fragments. If all three ritual nodes are inactive at the same time, the ritual fails and you have to start over. That is why (and because of the useful strengthening effects of the items) it is your top priority to reactivate failed ritual knots again and again immediately.

While J'eevee is busy setting up the ritual items, you will be attacked by enemies. Xorothian gnomes and occasional elite horror guards make your life difficult. Just make sure to activate the ritual knots again and again as quickly as possible and knock out the goblin groups so that you can then concentrate on the horror guards. Your demon slave and banishing skills can come in handy here. In total, this phase of the ritual lasts about six minutes.

The Summoning Ritual – Dreadlord

You can tell that you did it by the fact that nine pink runes appear around your summoning circle. The demons disappear and you can take a short break. Since it only continues when you use your item Xorothian glyphs, you have a short time to recharge your resources, to heal yourself if necessary and to reactivate any ritual nodes that may have failed. When you're ready for the final battle, use your Xorothian glyphs to open a portal to Xoroth. Just as you expected, a Xorothian Dread Steed appears that you have to fight. It was not to be expected that the horse would get help. As soon as it drops to 50 percent of its life points, a horror lord named Lord Hel'nurath hops out of the still open portal and is not at all pleased that you are contesting his mount. Defeat him and the Dread Steed. Once this is done, you can speak to the ghost steed demon's spirit and thereby bind him to you. Your new horse doesn't seem to love you too much, but hey, it doesn't matter – you're a warlock after all and now have the magic Call Dread Steed. Congratulations!