WoW Classic: Sulfuras-Mats gone after fraud

from Karsten Scholz
In WoW Classic, a player who wanted the legendary Sulfuras Mace made by Ragnaros fell for an imposter. The fraudster was convicted, but instead of handing over the materials to the owner, Blizzard now insists that the items involved in the fraud cannot be restored.

Blizzard's customer support still doesn't show its best side when it comes to WoW Classic. We could bring back various examples of players from the last few days that have been banned by the developers for no reason. However, we only reported about this problem a few days ago, moreover, most of those affected have now updated their respective post on Reddit with the note that Blizzard looked at the case again after the feedback on the community platform and lifted the penalties (Example source 1, Example source 2, Example source 3).

Instead we want to look at another case that is similarly bitter for the person concerned. This had in WoW (buy now for 14.54 €) Classic was looking for someone to give him for the legendary mace Sulfuras, hand of Ragnaros the epic Sulfuron hammer manufactures. The hammer is expensive to build, including 50 Arcanite ingot, 8th Sulfuron blocks, 25 Essences of fire and and and.

In fact, one player answered the request and the two trading partners agreed. But the Sulfuronhammer peasant turned out to be a fraud. As soon as he had the materials in his pocket, he already logged out. Later he is said to have offered a finished sulfururon hammer for 24,000 gold for sale in the auction house. Clear that the person concerned created a ticket. In addition, the fraud is said to have got around quickly. It is said that the cheater was kicked out of his guild.

The answer to Blizzard's ticket has now been circulating on Reddit and is not very satisfactory. Yes, the fraud could be proven. Appropriate measures will be initiated. This includes deleting all items involved in the fraud. Plus: The person affected will not get the very expensive materials back. The customer support employee also provided the reason for this: Player decisions and their reputation should play a role in Classic. It's not GM's job to play in Classic Police. The community should regulate itself.

On the one hand, we of course want to know what you think of it. On the other hand, you should definitely see this case as a warning reminder to only trade with players who have a trustworthy reputation – at least if materials of high value are involved.

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