WoW Classic: The Burning Crusade – prepare optimally now

When we get the last Blizzard polls about The Burning Crusade Classic with the leak Throwing it together at the turn of the year, the following comes out: The developers are currently apparently tending to expand the current WoW Classic server in April (pre-patch) or May (release) with the content of the first WoW add-on. If that is actually the case, the players in Outland who are already optimally preparing for the upcoming TBC adventure will really take off. In this guide, we will therefore tell you what is involved in optimal preparation for TBC.

WoW: These classic items are also relevant in TBC

In Classic you can currently get a whole range of items that are also useful in The Burning Crusade.

Useful consumables

  • Free Action Potion: There are also a number of encounters in the TBC raids in which you can use this potion to counter effects that restrict stun or movement. And of course the FaP is still used in PvP (not allowed in the arenas!).
  • Swiftness potion: If you want to get from A to B quickly, for example as a flag bearer on the battlefield, this potion remains a solid option.
  • Invisibility Potion: You can also avoid certain trash groups with this potion in the TBC raids and dungeons. Or you use the potion for PvP.
  • Powerful rage potion: Every warrior should have in their luggage.
  • Thistle tea: Should have every villain in their luggage.
  • Vial of supreme power: Will be significantly cheaper in TBC than the new Flask and only deliver ten magic powers less.
  • Vial of distilled wisdom: Still a strong option for all game styles that want to accumulate as much intelligence as possible (Holy Paladins, for example)
  • Vial of Petrification: A protective effect for emergencies that will also play a role in TBC.
  • Dark rune and Demonic rune: Are also very popular with magicians in TBC.
  • Elixir of demon killing: Outland is full of demons.
  • Regeneration potion: Poisons, curses, diseases and magical debuffs plague you in Outland too.

WoW: Retro Trailer – Cinematic for The Burning Crusade

Engineers' gimmicks

In TBC, engineering for the PvE area no longer plays as big a role as it does in WoW (buy now € 14.99 ) Classic was the case. Those who remain faithful to the art of engineering can not only look forward to strong helmets (more on that later), many gadgets are still in use. Here is a selection:

  • Arcane bomb: Great option to silence a group of enemies in one fell swoop. Useful in raids, dungeons and PvP.
  • Field repair bot-74A: A compulsory item in the progress for all raid groups with which you can repair yourself after countless wipes. Probably cheaper to manufacture than its TBC counterpart.
  • Goblin jumper cables XL: Bringing the dead back to the living without a healer nearby? If it is successful, this is also celebrated in TBC.
  • Parachute cape: Anyone who is constantly in the Arathi Basin in TBC and cannot find a corresponding skill in the magic book should pack this cloak.
  • Grenades: Can still be meaningfully sprinkled into fights, for example the Iron grenadeto upset an opponent in PvP.

Enchantment Materials

In general, enchanting materials will go on the auction house table for good gold throughout the TBC era. The profession is very useful in the first WoW expansion, and particularly ambitious players will learn the art of enchanting every now and then in order to enchant their new rings, only to then exchange the profession for another.

In addition, enchanters with their classic weapon oils are also very popular in TBC with magicians and healers. And what do you need for Excellent magic oil such as Excellent mana oil? Sure, of course: Large shiny splinters. So stock up now!

Also oldie but goldie: the Weapon Enchantment Crusaderswhich, especially in the early days of TBC, will be popular with many melee fighters as a cheap option. In addition to the splinters, there are of course also Righteous bullets a theme.

Zul'Gurub Enchantments

In TBC, the best enchantments for the Head, Pants and Shoulders slots are tied to reputation factions or professions. If you want to improve your new Outland equipment early on, you should pay a visit to Zul'Gurub again soon and get the items you want for the Zandalari shoulder, head and pants enchants needed.

WoW: Bring your dream jobs to 300 and twinks to level 50

In TBC, your character's professions will be just as important as in Classic. As a tailor expert, for example, you can make several really strong fabric sets that for a long time overshadow everything that can drop in dungeons and raids for various mana play styles. It looks similar with the helmets of the engineers or with some weapons and armor of the blacksmiths. Without the respective profession, you have to leave a lot of gold in the auction house for these items, many of the items even require the respective profession.

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WoW: Take your characters to the right level for TBC – professional twinks should be around level 50.

Source: PC Games MMORE

For every player who wants to tackle the raid challenges of TBC ambitiously, the profession of leather processing is also a strong choice. Particularly ambitious raid groups will even require this for the main characters. The reason: Drums of battlewith which you increase the melee, ranged and spell haste of all nearby party members. Used correctly, this item alone gives your raid an enormous boost to DpS.

If you want to get the most out of TBC, you don't just choose the optimal professions for your main character. After all, as a leather processor or blacksmith, you need resources, so you need miners and furriers. Those who frequently want to see raids from the inside are also best provided for themselves with an alchemy or jewelry twink, herbalism or mining included. And if you want to wear the tailoring sets just mentioned or turn them into gold as quickly as possible, you can buy several tailoring twinks in order to be able to produce as much magic / shadow material as possible in a short time.

Speaking of which: in order to be able to use professional twinks in TBC efficiently, must have reached at least level 50. Then you can take them to Shattrath, the capital of Outland, to buy the recipes that are important to you. It's best to level your supporting characters to 50 now so you don't have to waste time later.

WoW: Worthwhile investments for TBC

With the launch of TBC Classic, many new players will make the Classic servers unsafe. In addition, many players will create a draenei or blood elf or an alliance shaman or horde paladin, and of course also play up professions with the new Azeroth heroes. And then there is also the new profession of jewelery art, which every player has to level up from skill level 1. One German guide for leveling jewelry art from 1 to 375 can be found here, for example.

Long story short: Many Classic resources remain lucrative in TBC too. You can earn a lot of gold, especially with ores and gems. Note that some ores like Iron ore and Mithril ore will be more valuable than thorium ore, for example. But gold can also be earned with the materials you need to make all of the consumables that we listed above. Also note that you will also need some Classic resources for TBC recipes. For example, master blacksmiths receive the recipe for a weapon with which they can easily increase their first skill points from 300. To make them you need Thorium bars, Enchanted Thorium Bars and Indestructible leather.

The currently very cheap in Classic Vial of mojo such as Heart of the wild are of interest to all jewelers in TBC. The same applies to many types of stone Heavy stone out. And all alchemists who want to make healing potions or elixirs of healing power in TBC need a lot Golden sansame. However, if you want to level up the magic of enchanting efficiently from 300 onwards, you will have to lie down Illusion dust on the bank. The recipe Bracer – Superior Endurance promises skill points up to around 330.

WoW: If you want to fly in Outland, you need gold. Lots of gold.

WoW: If you want to fly in Outland, you need gold. Lots of gold.

Source: Buffed

WoW: Farm gold for flying, professions and Co.

If you currently only have a few hundred gold pieces on the high edge, you should definitely make a few farm rounds before the launch of TBC. Sure, there's plenty of gold for quests and levels in Outland. You can also earn a lot of gold with the very useful professions in TBC. But in order to bring your crafts to the maximum in a timely manner and to produce the most valuable objects, you already need quite a bit of gold. Even more wealth is necessary if you cannot provide yourself with the most important professions but are dependent on the goods of other players.

Also note that a new riding license comes into play with the TBC launch. The slow version costs 900 gold including the flight mount. However, if you don't feel like moving slowly through the new zones, you have to spend 5,000 gold for the fast flight license and another 200 gold pieces for a corresponding mount.

Other potential cost traps

Those who want to ride particularly stately through Outland can get the Cenarian war hippogryphs from the Cenarion expedition for 1,600 gold. The Amani war bear was also popular at the time. You had to earn it in the Zul'Aman time trial, but not every group managed this tough challenge. At the time, however, professional guilds took those interested with them for a mere 10,000 gold.

You have to plan for even more costs if you are keen on the epic gloves, whose recipes are only available in the Sunwell Plateau. At that time, raid guilds sold the parts for up to 20,000 gold, the necessary solar particles often cost 2,000 gold each (all these gold prices are likely to be even higher in TBC Classic, as more gold will be in circulation than then). And if you want to fully expand your guild bank, you have to have around 40,000 gold on the high edge.

WoW: A lot of experience right from the launch

If you want to reach level 70 as quickly as possible after the launch of TBC Classic, you can shoot the quest log with finished orders in advance and hand them over in one fell swoop after the release of TBC. However, this is only worthwhile if the quests are located in an area so that you don't have to cucumber through the world forever to hand everything in.

Alternatively, you can use a level strategy that is already in use: Buy numerous Zandalari coins from the auction house in order to return to the following repeatable quests on the island of Yojamba over and over again:

According to Wowhead, up to at least level 63 you should receive experience points efficiently this way.

WoW: The Eye of the Storm expands the offer of the battlefields in TBC.

WoW: The Eye of the Storm expands the offer of the battlefields in TBC.

Source: Buffed

WoW: Plays battlefields for battlefield tokens

If you compete with other players in Warsong Gorge, Arathi Basin or Alterac Valley in Classic, you will receive tokens for the respective battlefield at the end of a game. These brands will continue to exist in TBC, supplemented by the brand for the new battlefield Eye of the Storm. And what exactly can you do with these brands in TBC?

Well, on the one hand you can exchange the tokens for special PvP mounts. On the other hand, you need the tokens in order to pay for the standard PvP equipment with these and your earned honor. If you already have the tokens in your pocket, all you need to do is farm honor. Last but not least, TBC also offers the option of converting tokens into honor from an NPC. Since you are always exchanging one token for each of the four battlefields for this process, you can now do preparatory work. In TBC itself, you then only need to farm the tokens from the Eye of the Storm.

WoW: Already trained for the arena fights in TBC.

WoW: Already trained for the arena fights in TBC.

Source: Blizzard

WoW: Trained in the arenas of Shadowlands

As is well known, the WoW arenas were introduced with The Burning Crusade, and back then the team deathmatch battles were actually the only way to earn the best PvP items. With your arena team you have to earn a certain rating in order to get access to the epic loot at all. Those who want to do just that can prepare for the fast-paced arena gameplay in Shadowlands right now.

Sure, the class design and balancing is very different today than in TBC, and you always end up in arenas that didn't exist back then. Nevertheless, you can use the training rounds to try out useful arena add-ons, to adapt your interface for PvP requirements and to acquire basic tactics such as kiting opponents around pillars, communicating with team colleagues or successfully stringing together CC chains .

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