While it was quite common in Vanilla-WoW over 15 years ago to farm the blue Tier 0 armor set first before going into a raid instance, we now know that there are better item alternatives for most game styles to make a good figure on the first visit to the Molten Core and Co.

However, there is one exception: due to the strong 6-player bonus can villains with six parts of the Shadow art sets outperform their colleagues with the standard pre-BiS compilation (BiS = Best in Slot, the best option for the armor slot) and even with five parts from the Tier 1 set and two parts from the Tier 2 set – see also this very informative forum post. Only with the items from business administration and Zul'Gurub can shadow art no longer keep up.

Tier 0 set in classic phase 5

However, you shouldn't blow the shadow art set right now. And villains who have not yet gotten the eight parts out of the dungeons should do so in a timely manner – at least if they go to the Start of phase 5 want to cause as much damage as possible. Because with phase 5 it will be possible to upgrade the Tier 0 set to the Tier 0.5 variant via a long questline. The shadow art set then becomes the villain Armor of darkness, and this armor not only has better values ​​than the original, but also the same set bonuses – only in a more interesting order for villains:

With the darkness set, villains only need four parts to activate the enormously strong bonus, which always gives you extra energy. In fact, current simulations show that armor combinations with four Tier 0.5 pieces will easily pass the best available item combinations at the start of phase 5. Even more blatant is that the bonus can keep up with the best armor available in the Temple of Ahn'Qiraj. Both apply equally to sword and dagger villains.

Here are a few simulation results from Classic rogue craft (a page we can recommend to every classic villain):

  • Daggers and Phase 4 BiS with four parts of Tier 0.5 (in different combinations): 1,207 to 1,211 damage per second
  • Daggers and Phase 4 BiS without four parts Tier 0.5 (with Shadowflame Boots, Old hide leather gloves, 2 parts Zul'Gurub set (trinket and shoulders) and rest Tier 2): 1,198 damage per second
  • Swords and 8 tier 2 pieces: 1,225 damage per second
  • Swords and clown set (with Shadowflame Boots, 2 parts Zul'Gurub set (trinket and shoulders) and Mix Tier1 / Tier 2): 1,224 damage per second
  • Swords with a clown set and four Tier 0.5 pieces (different combinations): 1,248 to 1,251 damage per second
  • Daggers and Phase 5 BiS without Tier 0.5 and 2 x Pugio: 1303 DpS (with Stitch of death in the main hand: 1.336 DpS)
  • Daggers and phase 5-BiS with four parts Tier 0.5 and 2 x Pugio: 1,300 DpS (Mit Stitch of death in the main hand: 1,337 DpS)
  • Swords and phase 5 BiS without animal 0.5: 1,320 dps
  • Swords and Phase 5 BiS with four parts of Tier 0.5: 1,316 dps

Who our article for optimal preparation for phase 5 who has read that getting the Tier 0 set is quite time-consuming and then upgrading to the Tier 0.5 variant completely when Phase 5 starts. You need numerous materials and some gold. In our view, the advantages outweigh:

  • You can get the materials and the gold now, so that you have the complete darkness set in your inventory shortly after the start of phase 5. It will take much, much longer to have five pieces of the Tier 2.5 set from the temple. You share the tokens required for these set parts with various other classes, you need a good reputation with the Brut Nozdormus and several idols and scarabs from the raid.
  • Since you only need four of the eight Tier 0.5 parts for the 4-way bonus, you are extremely flexible. Sword villains can combine them with two parts of the Zul'Gurub set and three parts of the Tier 2 set to take away the bonus attack power and the damage increase for the poisons with the respective set bonuses. Dagger villains can turn with a clear conscience Old hide leather gloves stay. Combining only five parts from the Tier 2.5 and four parts from the Tier 0.5 set will not work.

Last but not least, we want to answer the question of which four parts of the Tier 0.5 set are optimal for your villain.

  • Dagger villains without Stitch of death continue to use the Old hide leather gloves and therefore wear bracers, tunic, cap and boots of the set. Dagger villains with Stitch of death exchange the MC handguards for the Tier 0.5 gloves and can use them Shadowflame Boots or better put boots over your feet.
  • Sword villains best put on bracers, gloves, tunic and cap of the darkness set.

Unfortunately, the author of these lines is still missing three parts until the complete Tier 0.5 set. What about with you? Let us know in the comments!

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