Anyone who has dealt a little with the raid meta of WoW Classic knows that melee play styles are extremely strong in the previous challenges. Who as quickly as possible through the Molten Core, the Blackwing Lair or the temple of Ahn'Qiraj wants to come, he packs as many offensive warriors as possible as well as some villains, who are ideally supported by shamans (I'm sorry, Alliance), occasional ferocity druids and hunters. In addition, sorcerers who take care of the most important curses, some magicians who (with fire-prone bosses) the Ignite– Stack the effect on top of each other and the DpS setup is done.

So that all the melee fighters can achieve maximum damage, it is extremely important to reduce the armor of the opponents as far as possible towards zero. Standard boss opponents own in WoW (buy now € 31.95 ) Classic 3,731 armor. With the usual suspects Fairy fire, Curse of recklessness and Tear armor this value can be reduced to 336.

You could of course now say that melee combatants can already cause enormous damage to enemies who are so weakened. But due to the mathematics behind how armor works, it is still worth reducing this value even further to zero: just 200 more counters less armor would lead to an increase in damage to physical sources of around five percent.

WoW Classic: Improved armor weaken

Some guilds therefore rely on the one-handed ax Annihilatorwhich, with its proc effect, can even reduce an enemy's armor by up to 600 points. The problem with the weapon: the proc works unreliably, triggers too seldom and therefore cannot be kept activated around the clock. In addition, the wearer of Destroyer noticeably cannibalizes his own damage for this unreliable effect.

However, there is an alternative that reliably drives the opponent's armor further down. A villain who has the talent Weaken enhanced armor learned, the armor of his victim can be upgraded with a 5 combo point Armor-weakening decrease by 2,550 points. For comparison: With Tear armor you can only achieve a reduction in armor of 2,250 points. 300 more points less armor that every boss in combination with Fairy fire and Curse of recklessness Leave almost armorless (36 points of armor remain at the end).

At C'Thun in the Temple of Ahn'Qiraj, we were also able to try out weakening armor: We only needed one weakening phase to defeat the old boss.

At C'Thun in the Temple of Ahn'Qiraj, we were also able to try weakening armor: We only needed one weakening phase to defeat the old boss.

Source: Blizzard

If someone throws in that tanks for their threat build-up Tear armor imperative and that they can no longer use the attack if it has already been improved Weaken armor on the boss, we can calm him down. The latter is true, but warrior tanks can also do without Tear armor achieve enormously high aggro values ​​in phase 5 – which is partly due to the new magic ranks from the Ruins of Ahn'Qiraj lies. Actually good war cry as a great alternative to Tear armorto convert excess anger into threat – you can find more calculations on this, for example in this Reddit post.

Another disadvantage, however, cannot be dismissed out of hand: the villain who is given the task of Weaken armor Keeping active on bosses and long-lived trash opponents will inevitably lose some of its damage potential. However, this loss is easily absorbed by the additional damage for the other melee fighters. We did the first practical test on Sunday in the black-winged nursery. We "only" had five offensive warriors, six villains, two ferocity druids, two amplifier shamans, two hunters and two Fury-prot warriors in the raid, but it still worked Weaken armor extremely positive for kill times and the entire Raid-DpS – including various best times and log records (for our guild and the players).

In short fights like the one against Razorgore in Blackwing Lair, your villain only needs to apply weaken armor once.

In short fights like the one against Razorgore in Blackwing Lair, your villain only needs to apply weaken armor once.

Source: Blizzard

WoW Classic: What does the change mean for the villain?

In our experience, it is not only worthwhile to have a villain on paper Weaken enhanced armor to pack. The only question is: with what skill does the leather-wearing villain enter the race? In our first test, we wanted to make sure that Weaken armor lands on the boss as quickly as possible and can then be kept active without any problems. Since we currently have a debuff slot "free" in the raid, we tried a variant Hemorrhage and Seal fate out: 30/0/21 is a possible skill here. In addition, our villain used thistle tea or at the beginning of the fight Renataki's amulet of trickeryto get to five combo points for Weaken armor to come (the previous Prio 1 finisher Chop up has a lower priority in this job), and two swords. Our findings:

  • It only takes a few seconds Weaken armor is on the boss. Then you generate enough combo points to prevent the effect from running out and to achieve a good runtime for chopping.
  • The damage is noticeably lower compared to the normal combat skill, but still within limits: with Vaelastrasz for example just under 1,500 DpS, with Razorgore a little over 800 DpS, with Firemaw and Brutlord over 700 DpS.
  • Affected the damage of the other melee fighters Weaken armor as well as the effect of Hemorrhage extremely positive (see previous section),
  • The effects of Hemorrhage and Arthas' gift pile up.

Raids that are the debuff slot for Hemorrhage do not have free or who do not want to reduce the villain's damage in such a way, but of course you can also choose other talent combinations that focus more on the battle tree. For example, it is entirely possible to simply change the normal combat skill Weaken enhanced armor to expand what you might be at 19/32/0 lands. The disadvantage: Sinister bump is more expensive than hemorrhage and the combo points are missing Seal fate. So it will take longer to Weaken armor lands on the target with five combo points. Or your villain combines combat with Seal fate and skillt 30/21/0. The damage lies between the first two variants, as is the speed with which you Weaken armor can apply on average.

More important than the skill, however, is that you entrust this task to a villain who wants to take on this role. Not only because your own damage figures suffer, but also because the debuff shouldn't run out for a second. If this happens repeatedly due to reluctance or lack of concentration, the villain turns into a burden for the raid in the worst case.

How does it look: Do you already have practical experience? Weaken armor done in a raid? Do you want to try this variant now? Let us know in the comments!

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