WoW Classic: Zul'Gurub and world bosses – all information about phase 4

With the fourth content phase of WoW Classic, the developers of Blizzard are implementing new challenges for fans of small and large raid groups on the live servers of the new edition of Vanilla. We mean, of course, the 20-player Zul'Gurub instance and the four emerald-green dragons Ysondre, Smariss, Lethon and Taerar, who are now mischievous as world bosses in Azeroth.

On this overview page you will not only find general information about the new content, but also guides to all Zul'Gurub-Fieslingen and the four new world bosses plus the most important details about the special rewards. Spoiler: It is worthwhile for casual gamers and professionals alike to pay regular visits to the Troll City.

When does phase 4 of WoW Classic start?

On April 7th, the developers of Blizzard finally let the Murloc out of the bag: Phase 4 of WoW Classic starts on April 15th at 11:59 p.m. CEST on all realms. Also included: Zul'Gurub, the dragons of the nightmare and the fishing competition in the Stranglethorn valley. ATTENTION: The first Zul'Gurub ID resets on Thursday, April 16 at 9:00 a.m. If you want, you can unsecure the new raid twice on Thursday.

General information about the classic raid Zul'Gurub

Earn gold in Zul'Gurub – how it works!
As soon as the raid instance Zul'Gurub opens, there are new ways to get a lot of gold. On the one hand, a true gold source is the three-part blood vine robe, which many magical offensive play styles are keen on. For vest, gaiters and boots you need a lot of moon cloth, blood vines, mighty mojo, iron weave silk, rune cloth bales and enchanted leather. Second, the blue and green reputation tokens that can drop anywhere in the zone will bring gold to the auction house. Some trash groups like the crocodiles can even be farmed solo or in a duo.
About 1,500 years before the Dark Portal opened, the mighty Gurubashi empire was torn apart by a massive civil war. An influential group of troll priests known as Atal'ai conjured the avatar of an ancient and terrible blood god named Hakkar, the soul flayer. Although the priests were defeated and eventually exiled, the great troll empire collapsed. The exiled priests fled far north into the swamps of misery, where they built a large temple for Hakkar to prepare for his arrival in the physical world.

Over time, however, the Atal'ai priests found that Hakkar's physical form could only be summoned in the ancient capital of the Gurubashi Empire. In Zul'Gurub, Jin'do the Hexxer enslaved several high priests of the Gurubashi so that they could help him call the terrible god to Azeroth. In order to tame the blood god, the country's trolls banded together and sent a delegation of high priests to the ancient city. Each priest was a mighty champion of the primordial gods – bat, panther, tiger, spider and snake – but, despite their best efforts, they eventually succumbed to Hakkar's influence. The priests and their aspects now began to nurture the soul flayer's incredible power. It takes true heroes to stop the blood god.

Back to the Stranglethorn Valley

The entrance to the 20-player Zul'Gurub raid can be found in the north-east of the Stranglethorn Valley, near the Nazferitisee and north of the ogre hills of the Mosh'ogg. Since this is an outdoor instance, comparable to Zul'Farrak, you may sit on the back of your mount within the raid. It is also noteworthy that several paths lead through the troll city and you are free to choose which bosses you do in which order and which adversaries you want to leave out. Note, however, that the five high priests, Jeklik, Venox, Mar'li, Thekal, and Arlokk, end up strengthening Hakkar as long as they are alive. You can find out how this is expressed on the following pages in the relevant boss sections.

Raid snack for in between

Don't expect crunchy challenges in Zul'Gurub that will pose problems for days. As early as 2005, the troll raid was clearly aimed at casual gamers and new raiders. The mechanics are a bit more complex than in the Molten Core, but today, almost 15 years later, these should not be a hurdle for most raids. So far, the impressions from the public test server confirm this assumption. Be prepared, however, that you will enter Zul'Gurub very often. The raid for small raids is reset every three days. Correspondingly, there will soon be groups on the full Classic servers that just want to clean Zul'Gurub and are looking for reinforcements.

Compilation of the raid

For the first visits of Zul'Gurub, we recommend a raid with two to three tanks, four to six healers and eleven to 14 damage experts. Packs classes that can purify poisons. With nature protection potions you can make some fights easier. Your team should have pre-raid best-in-slot equipment or better.

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Guides to all bosses in Zul'Gurub

Blood god Hakkar, his high priests and some optional bosses are waiting for you in the first raid instance for 20 players in WoW history. In the following you will find helpful guides to the final boss and his most important helpers. Then we take a look at the optional challenges of the "Edge of Madness" event and Gahz'ranka.

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In addition to the boss guides, you will also find tips and tricks for the trash opponents in Zul'Gurub below:

Edge of Madness and Gahz'ranka

We have already covered two optional bosses from Zul'Gurub: Jin'do the Hexer and Bloodlord Mandokir. But the 20-player raid instance has other optional challenges that we want to introduce to you below.

Duty: alchemists and anglers

The remaining optional bosses have one thing in common: your group needs a high level of skill in a particular profession to be able to perform the summoning. So you only lure Gahz'ranka out of the water with a fishing skill of 350 (bait is mandatory), and if you want to summon one of the bosses of the so-called "Edge of Madness" event, you should join an alchemy expert Pack skill 300.

Trash in front of the Edge of Madness

In the east of the raid instance you will find an area guarded by elves in which you can start the "Edge of Madness" event as soon as you have defeated the demons. Attention! When an elf blesses the temporal, a portal appears from which two voidwalkers emerge, which have an uncomfortable damage aura. Good thing you can banish or enslave the elves. Beat them one by one in the dirt and then take on the blue men before you take the next elf to your chest. You only start the madness event when the area has been cleared of enemies.

So you start the event

To be able to summon the boss, you need an item called Mojowahnsinn der Gurubashi. With a little luck, you can buy this item at the auction house. Expect high prices, however, because the production is really expensive. Specifically, you are in one Mojo madness of the Gurubashi on Heroes' blood, once A lot of mojo, six units Mighty mojo as well as one Black lotus. You then have to bring all these ingredients to Zul'Gurub. More precisely: to a table near the fire bowl. If an alchemy master with skill 300 and the mentioned items in his pocket interacts with this board, he can create the mojo madness of the Gurubashi. Then use the item to put out the fire in the bowl. That's how you call the boss.

In the "Edge of Madness" you summon an optional boss with a mojo madness of the Gurubashi.

In the "Edge of Madness" you summon an optional boss with a mojo madness of the Gurubashi.

Source: Buffed

Insane boss quartet

However, the real highlight of the "Edge of Madness" event is different: a total of four bosses are part of the event and they rotate happily every two weeks (!). In other words, you only ever fight one of the four possible adversaries and you have to visit Zul'Gurub several times over a period of several months in order to face the complete quartet of "Edge of Madness" with Gri'lek, Hazza'rah, Renataki and Wushoolay to get. After all, you can see from the stone tablets which boss is currently in turn. In addition, the appearing opponent is announced by the text "XY is now raging on the verge of madness". And so much can be said: The investment for the regular summoning of the optional villains is worthwhile. The four bosses drop items that you absolutely need for the class-specific pieces of jewelry from Zul'Gurub (you can find the trinkets below).

Fish for a boss

You also have to take preparatory measures for the last boss from Zul'Gurub, Gahz'ranka. We already mentioned that you need a high-level angler with bait. You also get Nat's tape measure from Nat Pagle's fishing spot west of Thekal. With this item you set out for Nat Pagle in the Marsh of Dustwallow to get mud stink bait. Back in Zul'Gurub you pull out of the water with a fishing skill of at least 350 (better) Zulian mud stinkers. Combine five of these fish with Pagle's bait and you can finally summon the three-headed boss Gahz'ranka.

The special rewards from Zul'Gurub

If you take the raid size of 20 players down, the comparatively low level of difficulty or the barely existing entry hurdles, you might quickly think that visiting Zul'Gurub is only worthwhile for beginners, casual gamers or laggards. And yes, these types of players should feel at home in the new challenge. Likewise, the troll raid also offers professionals who clean the blackwing lair in record time more than enough reasons to open a Zul'Gurub group every few days.

You will find the island of Yojamba and the Zandalari tribe on the coast of the Stranglethorn.

You will find the island of Yojamba and the Zandalari tribe on the coast of the Stranglethorn.

Source: Buffed

The Zandalari tribe

With the opening of Zul'Gurub, a new faction will come into focus, with which you should definitely increase your reputation. The Zandalari tribe has its headquarters on the island of Yojamba on the northwest coast of the Stranglethorn Valley. Reputation points wave when you defeat trash opponents and bosses in the local raid or complete the quests available on the island. The repeatable tasks require, for example, that you hunt away special tokens from the enemies in Zul'Gurub, which you then convert into reputation items by submitting the respective quest. With every level you reach, you unlock useful rewards from Zandalari retailers, including new recipes for the manufacturing professions. A special highlight here are certainly the three parts of the Blood Vine Robe fabric armor set, which all warlocks, but also many other magicians, should be keen on. There are also exciting replenishments for all alchemists with the schemes for the Significant Troll Blood Potion, the Mage Blood Potion or the Potion of Lively Action. However, the enchanting formulas for the outstanding magic oil and the excellent mana oil are not yet available, which will probably only land on the Classic servers in phase 5.

Strong enchants

That many players want to earn an awesome reputation with the Zandalari as quickly as possible is due to other rewards. The maximum reputation level gives you access to the best shoulder enchantments in Classic, which give you 30 attack power, increase your damage and healing effects by 18 points or improve your healing achieved by 33 points. From Freundlich you can also exchange special items for class-specific pants and helmet enchants at NPC Zanza in Zul'Gurub:

  • Warrior: +10 stamina, 7 defense, 15 shield block value
  • Sorcerer: +10 stamina, 18 healing and harmful
  • Druid: +10 stamina, 10 intelligence, 24 healing
  • Magician: +18 healing and damage value, 1 percent chance of hit
  • Rogue: +28 attack power, 1 percent dodge
  • Shaman: +15 intelligence, 13 healing and harmful
  • Paladin: +10 stamina, 7 defense, 24 healing
  • Hunter: +24 ranged attack power, 10 stamina, 1 percent chance to hit
  • Priest: +10 stamina, 5 mana per second, 24 healing

The Zul'Gurub sets

Some Zandalari trolls provide you with quests that increase your reputation with the faction.

Some Zandalari trolls provide you with quests that increase your reputation with the faction.

Source: Buffed

Of course, the bosses in Zul'Gurub also drop numerous rare and epic loot pieces. Exciting are the ring sets, some of which, thanks to their set bonus, even cut out the alternatives from the blackwing lair. This is remarkable (if not too good) Fist weapon duo Ursegenthat turns you into a tiger god for some time. And then every class in Zul'Gurub can also earn a five-piece armor set consisting of a neck piece, a piece of jewelry and clothes for the chest, shoulder and wrist slot. With two, three and five parts you unlock a special set bonus. Unlike in MC or BWL, the set parts do not drop directly in Zul'Gurub, but cross-class tokens, which you can then exchange for the corresponding items at a troll NPC on the island.

The class trinkets from Zul'Gurub

The bosses of the "Edge of Madness" event can hunt away items that you need for the class-specific jewelry of your Zul'Gurub armor sets.

Other highlights

Blood scythe
In the haunted hoodoo heap you can find a blood scythe with which herbalists can collect vines in Zul'Gurub.
But that was not all! There are two more loot highlights that will ensure in many months that numerous Azeroth heroes always take the time for a round of Zul'Gurub despite a busy schedule: the two exotic mounts Fast razzashiraptor by bloodlord Mandokir as well Fast Zulian tiger by high priest Thekal. The drop chances for the mounts are unfortunately very small, many vanilla veterans did not even pull the associated items with their raid groups from the defeated bosses at the time. Accordingly, the mounts should also be in Classic. The optional Boss Gahz'ranka can also drop a remarkable cosmetic reward: a tome that allows magicians to turn enemies into a turtle.

Finally, you should pay attention to Endboss Hakkar's loot list. Not only can he have a whole range of epic weapons in his luggage, he also reveals his heart after every defeat. With the Heart of Hakkar in hand you can then start a quest, similar to the heads of Nefarian and Onyxia. This quest will reward you with one of the following three trinkets that can be activated every two minutes:

When a player completes the Heart Quest, there is also a World Buff for every character on Yojamba Island or in Booty Bay Zandalar ghost (Increases movement speed by 10 percent and all stats by 15 percent. Lasts 2 hours).

The emerald green dragons (including guides)

The new content update for WoW (buy now for € 19.99) Classic not only has the instanced raid challenge Zul'Gurub in its luggage, raid groups can also meet new bosses in the open world of Azeroth: the four emerald green dragons Taerar, Ysondre, Lethon and Smariss. The mighty lizards have a similarly unpredictable spawn timer like Azuregos or Lord Kazzak. In other words, it may take one to five days after their death to reappear.

Watch the portals

The place where the dragons appear is also somewhat unpredictable. It is only clear that the world bosses can spawn at the portals in the north of the hinterland (Seradane), in the twilight grove in the center of the twilight forest, north of the twin colossi of Feralas or in the northeast of the Ash Valley (shadow green). Which kite you will encounter there is decided by chance.

If you want to know what content will land on the Classic live servers after phase 4, take a look at the following WoW special:

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