WoW-Classic: Zul'Gurub – guides to all bosses

The entrance to the 20-player raid Zul'Gurub can be found in the northeast of the Stranglethorn, near the Nazferitisee and north of the ogre hills of the Mosh'ogg. Since this is an outdoor instance, comparable to Zul'Farrak, you may sit on the back of your mount within the raid. It is also noteworthy that several paths lead through the troll city and you are free to choose which bosses you do in which order and which adversaries you want to leave out. Note, however, that the five high priests, Jeklik, Venox, Mar'li, Thekal, and Arlokk, end up strengthening Hakkar as long as they are alive. You can find out how this is expressed on the following pages in the relevant boss sections.

Don't expect crunchy challenges in Zul'Gurub that will pose problems for days. As early as 2005, the troll raid was clearly aimed at casual gamers and new raiders. The mechanics are a bit more complex than in the Molten Core, but today, almost 15 years later, these should not be a hurdle for most raids. So far, the impressions from the public test server confirm this assumption. Be prepared, however, that you will enter Zul'Gurub very often. The raid for small raids is reset every three days. Correspondingly, there will soon be groups on the full Classic servers that just want to clean Zul'Gurub and are looking for reinforcements.

Group compilation

Level 60 is required for Zul'Gurub and each participant should have adequate equipment for their level. The optimal group composition in Zul'Gurub is different from boss to boss, but the following mix is ​​recommended for the entire instance:

  • 2-3 tanks
  • 4-6 healers
  • Rest damage distributors

It should be ensured that there are enough classes with control spells and that the damage and healing are not neglected. Classes that can remove poisons are also necessary (shamans, paladins, druids).

Instance – bosses

Edge of Madness

In the Edge of Madness there are the different parts for the jewelry of the individual class sets. There is always another opponent in the edge. Everyone drops their specific part, but none of the others. To summon the Boss of the Edge, the mojo madness of the Gurubashi must be created by an alchemist. The recipe for it is in the Edge itself. It is written on the large stone tablet in the middle of the hill. On the other four stone tablets you can see which boss is currently in the edge. This is announced by the text "XY is now raging on the verge of madness". Once you've created the Gurubashi Mojo Madness, you can throw it in the brazier and the boss will be summoned.

Random bosses in the Edge of Madness

Optional boss

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