With Patch 9.0.5 of WoW Shadowlands, the points of valor are back. Unfortunately, they are not implemented as I would have liked to see them – like in BC or WotLK – because you will only be able to upgrade Mythic Plus items with them. And upgrading beyond item level 200 will only be possible if you have completed the corresponding achievements for all dungeons at +5, +10 or +15.

If you manage all of them to +10, you can bring Mythic Plus items to item level 213, for +15 success even to item level 220. As we already know, the success for this is account-wide and so twinks can probably easily get it sooner or later long Ilvl got 220 items. It has never been so easy in Shadowlands to get good equipment with twinks or to get such good equipment through dungeons.

The developers are making the Mythic Plus mode appealing to casual gamers in particular. But getting into high keystones is difficult, for many even almost impossible. In my opinion, this will tempt a lot of casual players who would like better gear to pick up gold and look for boost groups.

The flood of boost groups is inevitable

Who now and then im official wow reddit on the move, sees posts from players heroically showing that they reported dozens of Boost Groups again today. Best of all with the old Starship Trooper meme (I'm doing my part) and a lot of praise in the comment column. You can see just as many posts that show that this doesn't really help and that the dungeon browser for Mythic-Plus should actually be renamed to "Boost-Browser".

Every time I salute such hardworking players who try to clear the dungeon tool of boost groups, but with the return of the valor points it will be a battle against windmills, no matter how hard you hit the report button. The option of 220 items is just too tempting and even normal Mythic Plus groups who don't boost normal ones will also see their chance to make easy gold this late in the season by dragging players through +10 dungeons.

Effects on the gold price of the WoW brand

Not every player has the gold lying around to be boosted for +10 or +15 success with Mythic-Plus. The WoW brand can help. For 20 euros you can currently get this for an average of almost 190,000 gold. But you can certainly let yourself be pulled through a few dungeons. And to be honest: The possibility of suddenly upgrading your Twink from item level 200 to Ilvl 220 for 20 or 40 euros sounds pretty tasty.

Since more WoW brands are flushed into the auction house, the price of the WoW brand is likely to drop significantly with the introduction of the bravery points. Let's see if my prediction comes true. If you buy your game time with gold, you should keep an eye on the price of the WoW brand at the beginning of patch 9.0.5, which is due to appear sometime in March.

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