WoW could benefit from hardmode for solo content

I prefer to play World of Warcraft alone. I know that sounds strange, especially since WoW is an MMORPG, in other words, a game that is geared towards group content. But I've rarely spent my time in Azeroth raiding over the past 15 years and much more twinkling and experiencing the story.

The fact that I have so far avoided a few short raid phases around the WoW multiplayer endgame is mainly due to the fact that I have little desire and time to prepare for a fixed raid date per week. I want to play WoW when I really have the leisure – and not because some date stipulates it to me.

Introducing LFR mode for World of Warcraft raids (buy now for € 26.99) allowed notorious loners like me to pick up the associated lore snippets. But still sometimes I get the feeling that I'm missing something if I leave the raids and the Mythic-Plus dungeons aside.

Our author Sara Petzold likes to wave - and regularly visits old Azeroth zones.

Our author Sara Petzold likes to wave – and regularly visits old Azeroth zones.

Source: Buffed

Of course, I could just wait until a new WoW addon appears and then just make up for the old content solo with a high-level character. But why should I do that? I already know the story anyway because I have appropriated it to understand the story of the new addon. And otherwise, Blizzard hardly gives me an incentive to revisit old content – after all, I don't get any useful equipment or other attractive rewards (apart from the "With a leash on raid" pets, which I can also buy at the auction house if necessary) can buy).

Revive old content with hard fashion for soloists?

Then I came the suggestion from Reddit user Gimmiporn just right. His idea: what if Blizzard introduced some kind of hard mode for single players, in which players could visit old content? These would then be equipped with an adjustable level of difficulty and could drop loot that would also be suitable for committing current raids and dungeons (albeit of a lower quality).

I find this idea appealing for several reasons:

  1. Solo players and newcomers could relive old and previously missed content.
  2. WoW players, who are in the endgame a lot anyway, would have more to do in the long term than "just" the content of the current expansion.

Will more solo content lead to fewer raid participants in the end game?

However, the idea also has a crucial catch: Because more solo content also means that players migrate from the most difficult raid content. Blizzard would have to give players an incentive to play old content in solo hard mode without endgame content such as raids from the current expansion becoming obsolete – for example because the rewards are no longer good enough in comparison.

A conceivable solution to this problem

Rewards like those for the time migration dungeons could also work for a hardmode for soloists.

Rewards like those for the time migration dungeons could also work for a hardmode for soloists.

Source: Buffed

would be the introduction of different reward animals. Old content could offer an alternative to such endgame content, which should prepare for the most demanding and current raids. Accordingly, the armor rewards should also look like (in terms of item level, etc.). Alternatively, players could be rewarded with hardmode with cosmetic items such as mounts or unique transmog gear – based on the fighting guild or the time migration events.

For my part, I am longing for more employment opportunities for soloists – and I believe that reviving old content in the context of hardmode is a very interesting implementation of such options.

What do you think about that? Would you like a single player hardmode for old raids and dungeons? Or does the idea of ​​more content for soloists make your hair stand on end? Write us your opinion in the comments.

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