WoW: Deception villain – this is how the shadow dancer plays in pre-patch 9.0

The fact that deception villains were rarely used in the PvE challenges of the last phase of Battle for Azeroth was solely due to the damage figures achieved. The gameplay itself went well, but assassins and outlaws did better in most situations. With the pre-patch, however, the cards have now been reshuffled and, in fact, the shadow dancers are now celebrating something like a resurrection.

The Deception Villain in Patch 9.0.1

A lot has changed with the deceiver, especially on a small scale. Bleeding replaced Night blade, Find weakness receives a regular place in the magic book and Chop up as well as various poisons plus Insidious blade return to the villain's arsenal. In addition, adjustments to skills such as Shadow dance or Shuriken Storm and the new shadow dancer is ready, which feels a little rounder than it was last in Battle for Azeroth. But more importantly, it now also deals high damage in all combat situations, and with a view to the Shadowlands launch and our beta experience so far, deception could indeed become the villain's strongest play style for dungeons and raids.

For your first test rounds with the deception villain, we recommend the following talent distribution, with which you can achieve high damage values ​​in Mythic Plus dungeons and in Ny'alotha.

Secret technology is a finisher that deals damage to multiple targets, but it is worth using the ability on a single opponent because of the high damage it does. But if you want to focus completely on single target damage, you can also Master of Shadows to grab. You can find more useful options in the rows of level 35 and 40. The more difficult the challenge you want to tackle, the more valuable it becomes Jump off the shovel. You have to slow down your opponent so that the tank can kite them Night terrors Great. If particularly dangerous targets are to die quickly in focus, then talent is more likely to grab Exploiting the weak one.

WoW: Deception villain in the pre-patch - If you have more than four goals, you use Shurikensturm as a supplier for combo points. Secret technology causes further area damage.

WoW: Deception villain in the pre-patch – If you have more than four goals, you use Shurikensturm as a supplier for combo points. Secret technology causes further area damage.

Source: Buffed

The value squeezing through the pre-patch ensures that your main attribute mobility has regained value and that you also want to accumulate as many versatility counters as possible:

  • agility
  • versatility
  • Critical hit value
  • championship
  • tempo

So use pedestals, jewels and pieces of jewelry that provide you with these values.

When it comes to the best Azerite bonuses for your Deceiver, you'll want to activate the following effects once on your equipment: The first dance, Inevitability as Concealed Blade. If you also get the bonus three times Heart of darkness you can find the optimal combination of Azerite effects. By the way, you no longer need Corruption to activate the latter buff. As for the essences, use as great power Resonance from the world vein (Raids) or Enemy blood (Mythic-Plus). To do this, grab the three lesser powers Remembering the lucid dream, Conflict and discord as Crucible of flames and you are optimally positioned.

WoW: Deception villain in the pre-patch - For long-lasting targets, calmly distribute bleeding generously among your enemies. You build up more than enough combo points in a short time.

WoW: Deception villain in the pre-patch – calmly distribute bleeding generously among your enemies for long-lasting targets. You build up more than enough combo points in a short time.

Source: Buffed

The trickery villain's way of playing is basically about using combo points Assassination or Shadow strike and then mainly in the finishing moves Chop up, Bleeding, Secret technology and Eviscerate to invest. If you're fighting more than one enemy, it's worth Bleeding spread across multiple long-term goals. In this case, build your combo points via Shuriken Storm instead of Assassination on. In addition, damage-increasing skills such as Shadow dance, Symbols of death and Shadow blades Use it as often as possible in order to keep increasing your own DpS (more on this in the "Cooldowns" section).

  1. Chop up (may not expire)
  2. Bleeding (for goals that live long)
  3. Shadow dance (when ready)
  4. Secret technology (with 5+ combo points)
  5. Eviscerate (with 5+ combo points)
  6. Shuriken Storm (from 4 destinations)
  7. Shadow strike (when ready)
  8. Shuriken Storm (with two destinations)
  9. Assassination (at one goal)

A strong battle opening currently looks like this for your deceiver: Approach in Stealth your opponent and build with Shadow strike the first combo points. Leave after Chop up, Shadow blades, Symbols of death as well as follow your essence attack. Then activated Shadow dance for another Shadow strike, wearing Bleeding up and leave more Shadow strikeAttacks follow until you turn them into a strong one Secret technology -Finisher can invest. Then you go into the above-mentioned sequence of priorities. When fighting against four or more opponents is Shuriken Storm your standard attack to build combo points. Bleeding Spreading over several goals is only worthwhile if they live long enough and you don't want to knock your main goal down as quickly as possible.

The Deception Rogue's attack sequence has centered around the iconic cooldown for many years Shadow dance. But your other damage-increasing options are also important!

  • Shadow dance lets you use stealth abilities in combat for a few seconds over and over again, while at the same time causing noticeably more damage. Always combine the magic with if possible Secret technology, Trinkets, potions and the subsequent cooldowns.
  • Symbols of death is the perfect cooldown with 30 seconds to reduce your damage during the Shadow dance -Phases to increase again and again. Since the ability does not trigger a global cooldown, you can use it via a macro, for example Shadow dance combine (more on this later).
  • Shadow blades provides you with more efficient combo points for 20 seconds and lets your combo point generating hits cause additional shadow damage. In battles against multiple targets, the building of the combo points is through Shuriken Storm but already so high that you can knock out a finisher every two or three attacks. Unless maximum damage is required in the appropriate situation, hold the ability with you for another moment. Puts Shadow blades always immediately before using a combo point generating ability.
  • Disappear takes care of you apart from Shadow dance every two minutes with the option of briefly entering the combat zone Stealth to submerge. This way you don't just get access to one more Shadow strike, you also solve effects like gunsmith, Night stalker or Find weakness out.

WoW: Deception villain in the pre-patch - Deceivers have to keep an eye on a lot of effects. But with a little practice, it works with bosses like N'Zoth.

WoW: Deception villain in the pre-patch – Deceivers have to keep an eye on a lot of effects. But with a little practice, it works with bosses like N'Zoth.

Source: Buffed

There is one thing that all deception villains will have to get used to: lubricate your weapons with them before the fight Instant poison as Crippling poison one. Also supplies you with consumables that increase your mobility or your versatility.

Useful macros

If you want to simplify the getting to know phase with the new deception villain, you can, for example, pack damage-increasing abilities with certain spells or attacks into a macro in order to clear up the ability bar and automate the use of important effects. Here's a macro for the next one Shadow dance -Phase promises enormous damage:

# showtooltip shadow dance
/ use 13
/ use 14
/ cast shadow dance
/ cast symbols of death
/ cast shadow blades

With this macro you activate your benefits of the two pieces of jewelry, the cooldowns Symbols of death as Shadow blades and your shadow dance ability.

Outlook on black powder

With Gunpowder you can already find another new ability in your spellbook that will noticeably increase your damage in battles against multiple targets. Unfortunately, we only learn the new finishing move at level 52, i.e. after the launch of Shadowlands. Nevertheless, it can already be said that Gunpowder in group fights Eviscerate as a finisher. So you first invest your combo points in Secret technology and then in Gunpowder, at least when the effects of Chop up and (for long-term goals) Bleeding are still active.

The 3 most important class changes

Sometimes all you have to do is tweak the class balance and make small adjustments to make a big difference.

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