With Patch 8.3, the Destruction Warlock is expanding its arsenal with new essences and the so-called corrupt items. The latter replace the Titan Forged system and offer special bonuses, but also increase the corruption of your hero. If you accumulate too much of this, you have to deal with nasty side effects. We therefore tell you not only in the updated guide what it looks like on the essence front, but also which corruption effects are best.

This is in our guide: On this page you will find the most important information about the destroyer. We'll show you what's in WoW (buy now for € 19.99): Battle for Azeroth for the grill master gave an insight into the strengths and weaknesses of the gameplay and explain how the "Destro" (from the English "Destruction") performs in raids, arena and in quests compared to other classes. If you only need a short beginner's guide, you will find it on the next page, so that trying out this way of playing is as smooth as possible. We explain the skills and talents of the Destruction Sorcerer; Further tips on specialization can be found in the guide so that you can also shine in raids and mythical dungeons.

The Destruction Warlock Guide is at patch 8.3 and is updated regularly by us for new updates.

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As a destroyer you are dealing with the simplest way of playing the warlock. You neither have to juggle a bunch of DoT effects like the Affliction Warlock, nor do you run a zoo of monsters like the demonologist. You just bet on devilish flames and terrorize your opponents with it. Your critical strike value not only helps you deal damage directly, but also offers you the chance to cast additional soul fragments with spells such as Burn and fire blight to obtain. You can then use these splinters in the powerful single target spell chaos Bolt invest that deals immense damage.

WoW: Destruction Warlock – major changes in Battle for Azeroth

This is how powerful the Destruction Warlock is in Patch 8.3

In the latest patch, the destroyer and his ailing colleague have to place themselves at the bottom of the DpS scale in the Mythic Plus dungeons. Despite some surface attacks, the gameplay is just not so well suited for the hunt through the dungeons in BfA. For this, the destruction warlock lets the muscles play in the raid: together with ailments, destruction shares 3rd and 4th place in terms of DpS. The high burst potential combined with area attacks that have a long range ensures that the destroyers in Dazar'alor feel at home. So you do as Destro in all areas:

If you move into the world alone as a destroyer, for example to explore Kul Tiras and Zandalar, then you will hardly encounter any difficulties. With an emptiness converter by your side, you have to make a serious effort to have problems. chaos Bolt make quick work of thick chunks, while the many area-wide attack spells crumble groups of monsters for you. Even the toughest opponents have to surrender if you pull the rip cord in the form of Summon Hell Beast draws. Through the sudden flow of soul fragments you can then as you please chaos Bolt use the sledgehammer in your magic repertoire.

In dungeons, as a destroyer, you have to put up with the fact that theoretical damage isn't everything. Your warlock brings with you cataclysm and Channel demon fire strong area attacks for the monster groups that do not take long to cooldown, but your weak point is mobility and healing. For most spells you have to stop and therefore often take damage. You can only heal yourself reliably bloodsucker, For that you have the strengths that every warlock brings: soulstone. Create a fountain of soul and especially Demonic gate can save lives in a run and ensure a smooth dungeon visit.

In addition to ailments, destruction is the best choice for warlocks in the Battle for Azeroth raids. Your single target damage smashes onto the bosses while you stay at a distance and thanks to area spells you can still take care of opponent groups. A well placed soulstone also saves a devastating situation while Demonic gate relieved since Uldir boss mechanics.

Due to a lack of mobility, you have to be particularly careful in PvP. But if you get a good window to cast your cooldown spells, your high burst damage will make your opponents sweat properly.

About our authors

This guide was written by Matthias "Matze" Brückle, He has devoted himself extensively to the witcher since BfA and is now no longer separable from him. Demonology is his favorite because he is a big fan of summoners, but DoTs and massive ones chaos Bolte are fun too.

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