Those who want to have fun with the sorcerer often resort to the destruction specialization. High damage values, clear rotations and optical fireworks still await players in the pre-patch. But that doesn't mean that everything is the same as before. We'll introduce you to the changes to Destruction and explain how you can cut a fine figure in dungeons and raids in Patch 9.0. First of all, let's clarify what's new to destroyers.

The 3 most important class changes
Compared to some other classes, maybe not that much changes for Destroyers, but you should keep the following adjustments to the Witcher Spec in mind when playing the pre-patch:

<img src = "" alt = "Demonic Circle is no longer a talent, but basically available. This is the grip on formerly competing talent Worldly fears very easy. "/>

Demonic Circle is no longer a talent, but basically available. This is the grip on formerly competing talent Worldly fears very easily.

Source: Buffed

The Destruction Warlock in Patch 9.0.1

In the pre-patch, destroyers have to cope with the fact that they lack a lot of speed that they had previously increased through corruption effects. In this respect, the way you play may feel slower than before. The basic gameplay of the destroyer is relatively unchanged. Demonic Circle was previously a talent, but is now a base spell. The talent at the place of the circle is the scary howl spell, with which you can disorient up to five opponents.

Also no longer to be found in the talent tree is Grimoire of Superiority, with which you could gradually increase the damage of Chaos Bolt with an active Infernal. Instead, there is now Chaos Rain, an equally powerful talent that shines especially in an AoE style of play. Speaking of AoE! The new limitation of the maximum number of targets to be hit in area attacks goes by the destruction warlock without a trace, you can continue to hit as many enemies as before with your area spells.

Overall, the destroyer is well positioned for the pre-patch and the start of Shadowlands, be it for duels against elite chunks, group fights or useful support spells. The latter have been expanded to include curses, which are useful depending on the situation.

Due to the revision of the talent tree and some magic adjustments, our recommendation for talent selection looks a bit different for you. There are also series in which, despite changes, well-known favorites remain:

In the first rows, our recommendations remain the same, because fire jump and entropy reversal are still unbeaten, although for example Soul fire has become a kind of little cooldown spell with a built-in fire blight. In row 30 you can still proceed according to your own taste: Do you want to be more defensive Demon skin or rather mobility over Burning rush? Since you have to stand still for the strongest spells, we recommend the rush to reduce the movement time to a minimum. Cataclysm Despite its AoE nature, it is only our choice for individual goals, otherwise you should Fire and brimstone to grab. Worldly fears is now the clear recommendation in row 40, Demonic Circle is missing there. The new talent Howl of horror but is a strong option for dungeons. If you want to go more in the direction of mass brawls with your style of play, the combination of talents is worthwhile Soul connection and the newcomer Chaos rainwhich replaces the grimoire of superiority. Both have a 15 percent chance of reacting to soul fragments that have been spent: on the one hand by refunding fragments, on the other hand by the possible summoning of another infernal if you do associated cooldown activated. But if you rather take action against individual opponents such as bosses, you will access the last rows of talent as in our recommendation Blazing fire and Dark soul: instabilityto enable massive bursts.

Values ​​in Pre-Patch and Shadowlands work differently than before. While previously we could simply increase desired stats such as speed linearly, a decreasing effect is now active. So don't concentrate completely on one value, but distribute it a little more:

  1. intelligence
  2. Mastery = speed
  3. Critical hit value
  4. versatility

Apart from intelligence, mastery above all strengthens your DpS values. If you fight against large groups, mastery even exceeds intelligence as a value! Otherwise, Tempo is about as useful. Critical hit rating has a low priority because you only get some of it on some hits. You can really neglect versatility at the moment, as the other values ​​simply have a much stronger effect.

The warlock's azerite armor does not need to be changed significantly. Heart of darkness s now works without corruption and as a simple stat booster increases your DpS in all combat situations. Other strong options for the outer rings of azerite armor are Focus, Falling chaos and Raging devastation for fighting against two opponents at the same time. The perk Overwhelming power stays true to its name and increases your DpS significantly compared to other options.

<img src = "" alt = "We'll never get enough of that: The good old combination of Chaos lightning and devastation works like clockwork in the pre-patch. "/>

We'll never get tired of it: the good old combination of Chaos lightning and devastation works like clockwork in the pre-patch.

Source: Buffed

As great essence is Vision of perfection the clear winner, as it proves itself in every situation, whereby you also have to fight for clear individual targets Remembering the lucid dream can grab. We recommend to the Lesser Powers Fatal blows, Ancient flame, discord and Focused energy. For AoE damage you can Cleaning protocol and Soaked in blood instead of discord and Focused energy To fall back on.

Rotation for destroyers in patch 9.0

If you, as a destroyer, tackle a single enemy, you have very few spells that you have to keep an eye on. This is what the priorities for your rotation look like:

  1. Fire blight (renew again and again)
  2. Chaos lightning (to use up soul shards)
  3. Cataclysm (if selected as a talent)
  4. conflagration (especially when there are two charges)
  5. Burn (as a filling spell for soul shards)

The talent Cataclysm not only does direct damage, but also covers affected opponents Fire blight. So open the fight with me Cataclysm instead of Fire blight to act manually. Shortly afterwards (after a conflagration) you also summon the infernal beast and accumulate fragments of soul. So that the generation of these does not eventually come to nothing because of the maximum supply, you fire one again and again Chaos lightning which is optimally supported by conflagration. This gives us pyrolysis, which Chaos lightning – Accelerated action.

In the fight against multiple targets, your approach will of course change. While with two enemies you simply couple the above rotation with the spell devastation, which mirrors the single target spell, with three or more enemies you use the good old one Rain of fire. You can follow a few rules of thumb. The use of Rain of fire worth more than Chaos lightningas soon as you hit three targets that get the full chill. If you even hit five goals, you will achieve higher DpS than by using Chaos lightning with devastation. The DoT magic Fire blight loses priority in large groups, so take care of yours Chaos lightning or Rain of fire.

Make the most of chaos rain

Do you want to do a bit of demonology with the destroyer thanks to a new talent, you can use the AoE style of play Chaos rain back. You then ideally combine the newcomer in the talent tree in the 35 series Fire and brimstone or inferno. Both help you to win soul fragments, which you can then use more actively Hellbeast alone Rain of fire is stuck in order to trigger the summoning of another hellbeast can often. This also helps you in the last row of talent Soul connection, because you get reimbursed splinters. The style of play is designed for large groups of opponents.

<img src = "" alt = "Those who don't like being alone rely on talent when fighting against many goals Chaos rain. That brings namely several infernal beasts. "/>

Those who don't like being alone rely on talent when fighting against many goals Chaos rain. That is because that brings several beasts of hell.

Source: Buffed

Basically, the destroyer has Summon Hellbeast only a fixed cooldown, but you can get another one through talents, which strengthens your DpS. In addition to these, there are of course practical cooldowns such as the soul stone, which can revive you or fellow players.

Summon Hellbeast provides the witcher with a fighting machine, which at the same time provides more fragments of souls. Basically, this spell is only ready to use every three minutes. As previously described, a great way to strengthen your cooldown is with the Chaos Rain talent. The Azerite perk Breaking In Chaos also reduces the cooldown and makes your next eight Chaos Bolt stronger after activating Summon Infernal. So you can turn the cooldown into an impressive DpS booster.

Dark soul: instability is a powerful talent made for burst attacks. Since you have an increased chance of critical hits for 20 seconds, it is best to cast the spell in the last 20 seconds of Summon Hellbeast Activate together with your trinkets. Thanks to the accumulated splinters, you can then shoot many, much stronger versions of Chaos Bolt. The damage from lightning benefits directly from your critical strike value.

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