from Matthias Brückle
In the German Blizzard forum, the German community manager Rynundu has announced his departure. This ends an era, because now there are no German community managers anymore for games like WoW, Diablo and Hearthstone.

After 13 years with Blizzard, Rynundu said goodbye! The Community Manager is on the 22nd of November in the official forum adopted by the players as CMbut still works at Blizzard. In the future, he will be responsible for locating the games. He leaves behind a considerable vacuum: A successor for his position is not announced.

No German Community Manager for many Blizzard games

In October, the German community manager Toschayju, who was responsible for WoW, said goodbye to him. For these there is also no one who continues Toschayju's work – everything indicates that in the future there will be no more community managers for the German area. But even in the European area itself, Thyvene is only responsible for a single CM.

Aftermath of the February layoffs at Blizzard

The whole thing is part of the larger wave of dismissals in February, the effects of which we are now only partially seen. This is due to French labor law, which affects Blizzard's EU headquarters in France. There are stricter regulations for employers with regard to the period of notice (at least two months with 2+ years working time), in addition, unions must negotiate the severance payments of some redundancies, which also takes time. In the US, the layoffs were completed much earlier.

The aim of these layoffs was to reduce, above all, the teams that do not deal with the active game development – which would also include community management.

Source: Le Monde

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