The new WoW raid Ny'alotha has been open for a few months now and tens of thousands of groups fight their way through the twelve bosses every evening. The corruption effects undoubtedly have a major influence on the DpS that the different classes perform. However, it wasn't quite as dramatic at the start of the raid as the random factor played a huge role in the corruption effects. In addition, the legendary cloak was not as far as it is today, which limited playable corruption. Thanks to the change that MUTTER can stock up with corruption effects of your choice, many players now have effects on all armor parts, which has led to massive increases in DpS – and to a disaster in balancing.

WoW: DpS in Ny'alotha – starting point

To really find out what the classes are currently doing, we limit each class to the top ten percent of all mythical logs. This is how we ensure that the numbers are not falsified by weaker players or faulty logs (in which the player was dead on the ground for half the time). However, since these figures were usually achieved with very good equipment, the appropriate azerite perks, as well as essences and spoilage effects, the pure values ​​are not very meaningful. So if you can't get to the numbers given, you don't have to worry. However, they are quite useful for the relationship between the classes.

As a comparison you can find the DpS values ​​that were reached in February:
DpS in Ny'alotha: magicians at the top and at the end

WoW: DpS in Ny'alotha - Furorion

WoW: DpS in Ny'alotha – Furorion

Source: buffed / warcraftlogs

Even the first boss can quickly see what will happen through the further encounters in Ny'alotha. So the DpS exploded, which in itself would not be a particularly big problem. Unfortunately, this explosion was much more violent in some classes than in others. The DpS of the demonology warlocks has more than doubled, which washes them far up. The same applies to Unholy Death Knights. Since not all classes scale equally well with corruption, the formerly humane differences have now become gigantic. Between the Affliction Witcher and the Windrunner Monk lie a mere 26,000 Dps. So the sorcerers do over 40 percent more damage in this fight – and much of it is due to the corruption effects.
. – Raid guide to Furorion.

WoW: DpS in Ny'alotha - Ma'ut

WoW: DpS in Ny'alotha – Ma'ut

Source: buffed / warcraftlogs

At Ma'ut too, the numbers have grown enormously. However, the imbalance of the classes is somewhat more reasonable than that of Furorion. Again, the big winners are the demo witchers, who push themselves far up. On the other hand, nothing has changed about the fact that Frost magicians are significantly behind all other classes. And that, even though their DpS has almost doubled. While magicians can use a different style of play, paladins and monks are the big losers. They are stuck far below and cannot even change the spec. – Raid guide to Ma'ut.

WoW: DpS at Prophet Skitra

WoW: DpS in Ny'alotha - Skitra

WoW: DpS in Ny'alotha – Skitra

Source: buffed / warcraftlogs

In theory, in the fight against the Prophet you will have to deal with several add-ons. In practice, the easiest of all Mythic encounters is a fight against a single target – apart from short phases. Here the balancing should actually be quite good, since it is rather easy to balance. And it looked good a few months ago. But no longer with the current amount of corruption effects. The difference between top, midfield and red lantern has grown immensely and amounts to more than 25k DpS. Especially balance druids, which were almost at the top before, slip off significantly. They don't scale with corruption effects as well as other classes. In addition, the phases in which you attack multiple targets are getting shorter and shorter. Raid guide to Prophet Skitra.

WoW: DpS at Dark Inquisitor Xanesh

WoW: DpS in Ny'alotha - Xanesh

WoW: DpS in Ny'alotha – Xanesh

Source: buffed / warcraftlogs

At Xanesh you have to deal with the boss with a lot of movement and regularly appearing add-ons. Fire mages have to surrender to the weapon warriors here. Both of them, however, easily leave the beast hunters, which topped the ranking here a few months ago. Outlaw villains are again in last place, if only just behind the monks. The massive increase in DpS is also quite good at Xanesh. Most classes more than doubled their damage here. – Raid guide to Dark Inquisitor Xanesh.

WoW: DpS for swarm awareness

WoW: DpS in Ny'alotha - swarm awareness

WoW: DpS in Ny'alotha – swarm awareness

Source: buffed / warcraftlogs

With swarm awareness you get to deal with a lot of add-ons that scurry wildly over the battle area. Area damage is naturally much more difficult to balance than single-target DpS. But what's going on here reminds a little of the overpowering priest in the Crucible of Storms. But even its gigantic lead was not as blatant as that of the fire mage here. This does almost exactly twice as much damage as the arcane classmate in last place and is 50 percent more than the shadow priests in third place. We would speculate that Blizzard will soon come here with the Nerf club. But we don't really believe in it. – Raid guide to swarm awareness.

WoW: DpS in Ny'alotha - Shad'har

WoW: DpS in Ny'alotha – Shad'har

Source: buffed / warcraftlogs

Shad'har is the only pure and classic single target fight in Ny'alotha. Therefore, the balancing looks the best here. Only the weapon warriors leave everyone else behind with proper respect. Frost magicians were able to hand over the red lantern to the lawless villains and monks and paladins once again looked into the tube. Shadow priests have obviously overcome their low and were able to work their way into the middle of the field from far behind, while the wildness druids are slowly but surely passed down. – Raid guide to Shad'har.

WoW: DpS in Ny'alotha - Drest'agath

WoW: DpS in Ny'alotha – Drest'agath

Source: buffed / warcraftlogs

At Drest'agath you have to deal with several goals that are far apart. Not surprisingly, the balance druids were still dominant here a few months ago. But those days are long gone and destruction warlocks have taken over. Together with the shadow priests in 2nd place, they play all other classes here in the ground. Even with a mediocre style of play, other specs have little chance of beating them in terms of pure DpS. Unholy death knights, which are probably the least mobile class and also have no high burst damage, have to line up behind. For paladins and monks, too, things are not looking rosy here. – Raid guides to Drest'agath.

WoW: DpS in Ny'alotha - Vexiona

WoW: DpS in Ny'alotha – Vexiona

Source: buffed / warcraftlogs

At Vexiona the fire magicians dominate again with their enormous AE burst on the many add-ons that all die very quickly. They do almost exactly 50 percent more damage than the balance druids at the bottom of the rankings. For the owls the addons die too quickly and there is a complete struggle over too much movement. Again we would expect a magician nerf, but we still don't believe in it. If you slowed down the front seats a bit, the rest would look pretty decent. From the two hunter specs, the classes are close together. – Raid guide to Vexiona.

WoW: DpS in Ny'alotha - Ra-den

WoW: DpS in Ny'alotha – Ra-den

Source: buffed / warcraftlogs

If you look at the ranking at Ra-den, you might think you are still at Vexiona. Here too, the fire magicians are enthroned at a huge distance above all other classes. No other way of playing can even keep up here. Before the corruption effects could gradually develop their strength here, the fiery magicians were only in the middle of the field and the weapon warriors dominated the ranking. These are still high up, but only see the dust from the fire magician. While paladins manage quite well here, monks and demon hunters have reason to complain. Without an alternative way of playing, they are pretty much at the bottom of the ranking. – Raid guide to wheels.

WoW: DpS in Ny'alotha - Il'gynoth

WoW: DpS in Ny'alotha – Il'gynoth

Source: buffed / warcraftlogs

At Il'gynoth the picture looks surprisingly different. A while ago, the fire mages were the dominant class and were able to secure a comfortable top spot, but have now been replaced by the destruction wizards. Although there are no serious outliers upwards or downwards, the balancing does not look particularly good. The distances between the tip and tail lights are simply too large – at least significantly larger than a few weeks ago. Paladins, monks and demon hunters all find themselves at the end and should be seen as the losers in this battle. – Guide to Il'gynoth.

WoW: DpS on tanks from N'Zoth

WoW: DpS in Ny'alotha - tanks from N'Zoth

WoW: DpS in Ny'alotha – tanks from N'Zoth

Source: buffed / warcraftlogs

Also with the tank from N'Zoth we don't have an absolutely overpowering class that plays everything in the ground and in the ground. Actually, the balancing doesn't look that wrong here. Monks and paladins naturally see things differently. Lawless villains and elemental shamans could at least change their playing style. Although it's not that easy with the corruption effects. Nice to see that at least some classes are well balanced in themselves. For hunters and warlocks, it doesn't matter which spec they choose, and even Unholy and Frost death knights are close together. – Raid guide to the tank of N'Zoth.

WoW: DpS in Ny'alotha - N'Zoth

WoW: DpS in Ny'alotha – N'Zoth

Source: buffed / warcraftlogs

There are also no major outliers in the end boss N'Zoth. However, the differences between the top and the last place are greater than with the tank. It is exciting to see that lawless villains, who have otherwise leased the red lantern, can leave the two classmates behind and keep up in the upper midfield. Druids should not be so happy. Both DpS specs are stuck in the lower half. Just like almost all classes that have only one DpS style of play: paladins, monks and demon hunters. Only the shadow priest is once again the exception and plays at the top. – Raid guide to N'Zoth.

In the summary you can see pretty well that there are some classes that might need a strong nerf. However, this is not so easy. Because some of them just scale well with the corruption effects. If you weaken the class, you punish all players who do not have the best perks. If you nerf the perks, you weaken other classes. And if you adapt the perks specifically for individual playing styles, it quickly becomes very complicated and confusing. In some cases, however, the classes were at the top a few months ago. Fire magicians and weapon warriors dominated the rankings back then and still do today. Here a nerf could help to bring the balancing back into balance. Paladins and especially monks, however, probably hope in vain for a buff. You will have to keep the back ranks up to Shadowlands.

WoW: DpS in Ny'alotha - overview

WoW: DpS in Ny'alotha – overview

Source: buffed / warcraftlogs

WoW: DpS in Ny'alotha – overview (source: buffed / warcraftlogs)

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