WoW: DpS in Shadowlands – that's what Simulationcraft says

Despite the immense success of Mythic Plus dungeons, raids are still considered to be the greatest challenge in WoW. Whether this is due to the larger number of players, the high level of difficulty or the bigger bosses, you can argue about it. What is certain is that next Wednesday, December 9th, the gates of Nathria Castle will open and countless heroes will embark on the new raid in the days and weeks that follow. Of course, having fun comes first, but success shouldn't be left by the wayside for most of them. And to kill bosses, you need strong damage dealers. But which class has how much DpS and how important other factors are is an eternally controversial topic where there is no fundamentally right or wrong. Above all, of course, because a raid is a complicated thing and a lot of small things decide between victory and defeat.

Nevertheless, at least the pure DpS can be broken down into easily understandable numbers. A distinction has to be made between simulations and logs. The latter are real numbers obtained in a raid, while the former is what would be possible in a perfect test environment. And since there are logically no logs from the raid (except from the test server, where there was hardly any class balancing), let's take a look at the logs.
These were created by Simulationcraft and show the DpS values ​​that each style of play could achieve if they beat a single boss for about five minutes. Movement, target changes or the like are completely ignored. That never happens in a raid, the numbers can still give you a very good guide to what which spec could theoretically do. Still, it shouldn't be given too much importance. Nevertheless, we want to take a look before we take a look at the real values ​​achieved in Schloss Nathria in the coming weeks.

Simulationcraft assumed the following basic values:

  • Patchwerk fight (without changing target or necessary movement)
  • Equipment item level 184
  • According to simulations, the DpS strongest Legendary
  • About 300 seconds of fighting time (this varies a little up and down, so that cooldowns of different lengths are compensated)
  • Based on class status as of December 2nd

The DpS values ​​of the damage distributors achieved according to the simulation looked as follows:

  • Unholy Death Knight

    – 4,692

  • Balance druid
    – 4,662
  • Shadow priest – 4,515
  • Deception villain

    – 4,476

  • Amplifier Shaman

    – 4,381

  • Lawlessness villain

    – 4,357

  • Arcane Mage

    – 4,247

  • Marksmanship hunter

    – 4,149

  • Affliction Warlock
    – 4,139
  • Frost death knight

    – 4,104

  • Fire magician

    – 4,017

  • T
    rulership hunter

    – 4,004

  • Frost magician

    – 3,979

  • Elemental shaman
    – 3,964

  • Retribution Paladin
    – 3,938
  • Ferocity druid

    – 3,933

  • Windrunner Monk
    – 3,783

  • Destruction Warlock
    – 3,736
  • Weapons warrior

    – 3,712

  • Survival hunter

    – 3,705

  • Assassination villain
    – 3,694

  • Demonology Warlock
    – 3,670

  • Fury Warrior
    – 3,670
  • VArmament Demon Hunters

    – 3,568

According to the simulations, the difference between the top and bottom is quite big. The Unholy Death Knight theoretically does 30 percent more damage than the Devastation Demon Hunter. In practice it will look a little different. Because points such as mobility or survivability also have a passive effect on the damage dealt. In addition, no boss is permanently standing still in the raid and you also have to pay attention to other things.

Nevertheless, these numbers looked better in the past – in other words: closer together. It can therefore be assumed that we will also get some balancing adjustments this time after the first week in the new raid. At least, as long as the numbers in the real raid don't develop in such a way that they automatically slide together due to the boss mechanics. As good as the start of Shadowlands has gone so far, we wouldn't be surprised if the developers manage it well.

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