WoW: Druid in Shadowlands – level guide at level 60

Before you can throw yourself into the raids, mythical dungeons and all other types of Shadowlands end content, the way to the new maximum level is on the program. The two damage specializations are of course a good way to get the way behind you quickly, while bears are the most relaxed when they reach level 60. However, healing druids should switch to the balance specialization.

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Since most players prefer a damage specialization for questing and balance is the much more popular spec, let's take a closer look at this.

Talent choice

When leveling, you have to deal with new opponents non-stop and you also have to walk back and forth between them a lot. Therefore you choose different talents here than usual. Because many skills that are strong in raids or dungeons are of no use to you when leveling.

During leveling and quests, you actually have all the freedom to choose your talents. The variant recommended by us provides you with a very simple style of play and high damage to the ever-changing targets. Other talents theoretically give you more DpS, which you can hardly implement, because you move a lot and the opponents die quickly. But just talents like Force of nature, Tiger sprint, Mighty blow, Incarnation: Chosen of the Elune or Wrath of Elune you can easily use it if you like their style of play.


Balance druids have to change their playstyle a bit, because the mechanics have changed a lot in the background. With Shadowlands that returns darkness -Mechanics slightly modified back. You work twice anger, then you trigger the lunar eclipse, which lasts for a few seconds Starfire reinforced. Twice Starfire on the other hand activates the solar eclipse, which in turn activates the anger reinforced. So instead of using up charges like in Battle for Azeroth, try to get one as often as possible darkness to activate. In practice this plays a subordinate role in quests. Still, you should get used to it.

The new eclipse mechanics sounds nice on paper, but unfortunately simplifies the owl's play even further. & Nbsp;

The new eclipse mechanics sounds nice on paper, but unfortunately simplifies the owl's play even further.

Source: Buffed

You always open the fight from a distance with twice anger. This activates the lunar eclipse directly. In addition, your opponent only reacts when anger at some point. At this moment you set your two DoTs and fire during the darkness With Starfire. Is the darkness to the end, you activate with two more Starfire (Elune warriors helps enormously) the solar eclipse and uses it anger out. It goes back and forth like this until the enemy is dead. You use up the generated astral power Star suction.
In order to move forward faster, you should usually plow several opponents at the same time. Thanks to your strong DoTs and spells like typhoon is that easily possible. Keeping the DoTs active has the highest priority. If your active goal is close to virtual death, then you can already devote yourself to the next opponent. Have you taken over, you heal yourself by renovation. Or you push the opponents with you typhoon away and take the owl legs in hand.


Usually the cooldowns play a very important role to really squeeze maximum damage out of a play style. It's a little different with quests and levels. Here it is not so important that you activate it at the right time. It is much more important that you always remember to actually use it.

Heavenly alignment: Your most important cooldown increases the damage dealt and your speed by a few percent. You can't really go wrong here. Activates it more or less on cooldown. You should just make sure that you have targets to attack in the next 20 seconds. Going to the quest giver or the next area with active cooldown would use the full potential of the Heavenly alignment waste.

Inciting roar: Every three minutes you can massively increase the running speed of you and your fellow players for a short time. Just like spurt this is ideal for getting from opponent to opponent faster. Have you ever taken over, then the sprint and typhoon also to keep you safe.

Inciting Roar is now a basic ability for all druids. When quests and levels, you simply use them as an additional sprint effect. & Nbsp;

Inciting Roar is now a basic ability for all druids. When quests and levels you simply use them as an additional sprint effect.

Source: Buffed

If you can't do anything with the owl and prefer to travel as a cat, then the way to the new maximum level in Shadowlands will not be particularly difficult for you. As a close combat fighter, it is not quite as relaxed as a long-range fighter, but there are no real problems. Thanks to your bleeding, you can take on several opponents at the same time and, if in doubt, simply run away while the opponents slowly succumb to their wounds in the pursuit.


Usually Feral Druids rely mostly on their bleeding and the powerful attacks they can make with enough combo points. This is only partially the case with leveling and quests. Because most opponents die too quickly for the bleeding to use its full potential. Fortunately, you can take your combo points with you from one target to another. As a result, your opponents don't die quickly. While you break down some goals slowly with skills that generate combo points, you then knock others out of the woods with those combo points in record time.

In theory, you can fight from a distance anger open up, which is seldom really helpful, since you then go back to the Cat shape have to switch back. Instead, you jump with your enemy Wild attack and immediately puts one Swipe after. Then you sit Brutal slashing and Shredding to build up combo points, which you can then use Wild bite turned into harm. Depending on your equipment and opponents, it can sometimes be useful to have a Shredded before you can use your combo points for Wild bite spent. Unfortunately, most opponents die far too quickly for that.


Tiger fury: You always use your little cooldown on the cooldown. However, only after the first two attacks, so that you can benefit from the 50 energy that the cooldown produces. thanks Predator you can often from Tiger fury benefit.

Incarnation: King of the Jungle: Your big cooldown needs to be planned a little better. When you activate it, you want to have at least two enemies in front of your claws for 30 seconds. So it makes sense to use the incarnation when you come into a new area full of quest mobs. Incarnation: King of the Jungle and Tiger fury make you a fighting machine for a short time.

As a bear you are a lot slower on the way to the maximum level. But you don't have to worry about your own survival for that either. Whether two, three or twelve opponents at the same time – normal mobs won't get you down. This is very important, because you can only make progress if you are constantly dealing with multiple enemies. If you fight one opponent after the other, you will eventually reach the maximum level towards the end of the Shadowlands period.


Very little has changed in the way the bear plays with the switch to Shadowlands. There were a few minor adjustments in the background here and there – but most of it has remained. Apart from that, you play differently when you quests. Because the focus is not on survival, but on the damage caused.

Since you are always fighting more than one goal, is Hit your main attack. Both the initial damage and the bleeding cause a lot of damage. Mangle only hits one target, but generates some anger, which you then share with Crush converts into further damage. Swipe is your filler attack. Moonfire Hardly worth it, but you use it during the fight to attract more opponents. Iron skinYou only use your real target for anger if you have many opponents around you. Then the defense slowly becomes important and is caused by around four goals Swipe more harm than Crush and Mangle. In between you use again and again Frenzied regenerationto replenish your life points. In order not to lose any damage, it is advisable to always activate self-healing on the way from one enemy to the next.


Incarnation: Guardians of Ursoc: If you activate your cooldown, then nothing can stop you. During the runtime you cause so much area damage that you can take on all enemies in range at the same time without any problems. Therefore, you should plan the deployment a little in advance by first including a lot of opponents Moonfire before you freak out like a wild Ursoc and beat everything around you.

Tree bark you use on cooldown. But less because of the reduction in the damage suffered, but because of the synergy with Thorny tendrils. During the runtime, these cause damage to all surrounding targets. And any extra damage point is always welcome while leveling.

The best legendary effects for druids

From the large selection of legendary effects, the following seem to be the most promising according to the current beta status.

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