WoW: Druids in Shadowlands – Blizzard announces further changes

from Karsten Scholz
With the next build, Blizzard developers plan to add further changes to the druid class to WoW: Shadowlands beta servers. This affects, among other things, the talent talons and the pact skills convocation of the spirits and adaptive swarm.

With the next build, the WoW team from Blizzard wants to apply further changes to the class of the druid to the beta servers of Shadowlands – the developer Sigma has in the official forum of World of Warcraft Announced earlier this week. Specifically, the designer wrote:

  • The pactability Convocation of the spirits in the future, the Nachtfae can be channeled in all forms from the movement.
  • The pactability Adaptive swarm the necrolord will henceforth favor targets where moonfire or shredding is active. However, the effect will not bind two swarms together if it can be avoided. The healing swarm was already so clever that no further changes are necessary.
  • The talent Claws of blood will trigger in its new form in the future if you use three "generators" within five seconds. You no longer have to use "Shred", "Rake" and "Thrash", which makes the talent much more flexible and gives you a more comfortable rotation.
  • The legendary item effect "Runecarve 3" was still unfinished and ambiguous in the last build. In the future, the effect should affect the tick rate and tick duration alike, similar to Tears.

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